DIMENLADIES: Pixel Perfect Edition 

Adopt #01 [OPEN] - Set Price: $59

  • Don't hesitate claiming if this submission's still tagged as "OPEN"
  • Prices fixed in USD. Payment methods currently accepted: PayPal
  • The buyer has 24h to pay. For regular customers, I may hold the adopt for up to one week, but make sure to let me know beforehand.
  • After payment is processed, owner is tagged as the adopt's MASTER, and gets: 1) unwatermarked adopt's final design,  2) original sketch (if available)
    3) clean lineart. Canvas resolution: 1920x1200px; file format: .PNG
  • Owner gets to name the adopt
  • No refunds.


  • This is a personal use license only. You may print the artwork or feature it on your social media of choice, as long my DA page is credited.Commercial use may be negotiated with the author.
  • Don't claim authorship, or try to resell it as a physical product (mugs, stickers, or similar products).
  • Owner may resell their ownership as long I am notified afterwards.
  • This is a closed species. Owner may alter the original design, but not sell derivative versions