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NameBuddy Dear Cooper
SpeciesHalf Human/Half Demon


Born to a demon-hunter and a demon, and spent the first decade of his life locked in a basement for the most part because his human mother didn't know how to deal with the trauma that was her impregnation or what else to do with him(none of her attempts to kill him actually took).

He's only saved from his imprisonment when his mother's sister comes to visit unexpectedly and discovers him down there. She's rightfully horrified by this entire situation and adopts her unknown-until-now nephew and forces her sister to seek help.

The rest of his childhood is much happier, even with the setbacks his complete lack of socialization & education provide him with. His new family isn't perfect but he loves his cousins & his aunt & uncle and they all agree to put up with him because that's what families do.

As per family tradition Buddy is kicked out of the family home as soon as he's 18. He lives with his favorite cousin Hector after that...until Hector is killed, and then he just lives in Hector's house alone.

The isolation & grief over Hector drown him in depression, and with the rest of the family equally upset over losing the guy as well as dealing with his aunt & uncle's recent divorce and his own lack of friends he's got no one to turn to for comfort.

So he develops some Fun Coping Mechanisms, such as severely neglecting his body's needs for food water and shelter by sulking in the wilderness for days at a time, and harassing Hector's ex who he never got along with in the first place(because of his jealousy/attachment issues,,), and just general stalkerly behavior about anyone who will put up with him.

He really thought he was over his mom until she comes back into his life by way of showing up at a family gathering with her new husband & daughter, but it turns out he's super not!! So that's fun.

Your overly-friendly neighborhood fuckboi who is simultaneously stuck in a bad place but also terrified of change.

Personality & Outlook

Lives very in the moment, when he's happy everything is great, when he's having a bad day his entire life is falling apart and he wants to actually die(too bad he can't!). Very clingy, always wants to be around friends, if he hasn't seen/heard from somebody in several days he starts thinking they hate him & never want to see him again. Whether he's an optimist or a pessimist depends entirely on his current mood.

Annoying, lacks a filter & any respect for personal space. He gets very attached to people very easily. Generally childish & emotionally abusive(will also take a lot of abuse because any attention is good attention). Can't be left alone for 5 minutes without getting depressed about it.

Could stand to grow in any number of ways but refuses to try because "people need to like him for who he is" and if he changes anything about himself it's fake(and also it's scary & hard).

Flamboyant, fluctuates between excessively confident & defensive/self-conscious at any given moment. Kind Of A Dumb Fuck.

Speaks kinda simply. Preferred words: Meanie/no fun(insult), great(good thing), dear(term of endearment), lame(lame). In a bad mood he's more likely to curse/yell/punch/cry/guilt trip people. In a silly/good mood, tends to draw out words/fake whine and giggle a lot.

Just wants to be loved but has -7 social skills so spends his days trying to earn it using methods that range from weird to criminal.

Powers & Assets

Essentially an ouroboros of existence: His demon bits are entwined with his human bits, giving them a solid grip on reality & he can essentially feed off of his own emotional output. And then the magical output of his demon bits is used to sustain his body. Which, in terms of a hybrid is not a guaranteed thing, probably just developed out of necessity since his early years def would have killed him if he didn't instinctively build up a durability to neglect/outright malevolence.

Aura Sensory
A passive ability that lets him sense nearby people. Radius of about 1 block, but he can extend his range for specific people by consuming their blood. Can also sense aura 'trails'

Break In
Can either pick locks or always knows where you hid your extra key. Either way he breaks into your house when ur not around & eats cereal in your bed.



Tevyn [fuccbuddy]
"Affectionately" referred to as Cumslut. His dead cousin's ex, who is now using Buddy to make a different ex jealous. Buddy says he doesn't mind because any attention is good attention & also he's just trying to cling to any reminders of Hector.


Tobi [object of jealousy]
Tevy's ex, who is one of few people Buddy annoys completely on purpose. Buddy doesn't get how he can just brush off someone being totally in love with him??


Hector [idolized dead sibling]
His cousin, and closest friend up until he died. Buddy flip-flops between feeling guilty about surviving the accident that killed him and blaming himself for the whole thing.


Everly [mother]
His mother who kept him locked in a basement his entire childhood. It was easy to accept her lack of love for him since he could safely assume she just wasn't capable of love at all, but that's been proven untrue by how she treats Phoebe and now Buddy both hates her intensely and desperately wants her affection.


Phoebe [sister]
His younger sister by 20 years who he loves but is also painfully jealous of and maybe tried to indirectly kill once by ditching her ginger ass in the desert for a few hours.


Cheap childish nostalgia items? pinatas, garbage party favors, popsicles & off brand fruit flavored drink product. Anything with a smiley face on it. Muted pukey faded colors.

Crayons & finger painting, especially on the walls. Mud & grass stains, untended scrapes on hands and knees. Boxes of keepsakes forgotten in the attic.



• After internalizing a hatred for demons from his mother's abuse, is super conflicted about exploring the non-human bits of himself(but also finds himself wondering if he'd fit in better among demons than humans).

• Probably BPD

• LOVES DOGS. Thinks if he were an animal he would be a dog, but he'd probably actually be a raccoon/opossum.

• Collects miscellaneous items with smiley face graphics on them; coin purses/keychains/t shirts/stickers/etc

• If an innuendo can be made he will make it

• hates minimalism, especially in interior design. Or generally just living spaces that are too tidy/don't look lived-in(hotel rooms, magazine-cover rooms, etc)

• Smells like strawberries(from shampoo/body wash) and dirt(from outside)

• Bi

• Thinks horns are sexy af

• Meta-Twins w/ Alice

Q & A

Q: Why do you blame yourself for Hector's death? What was he like before he died, and what did your relationship with him look like? 
A: Well he blames himself for it because he was distracting Hector from driving, just being a jealous little brat about Hector spending so much time away from him in favor of his girlfriend. There's also survivor's guilt, and as irrational as it is he blames the fact that he's demon-blooded that something bad happened.

Hector was kinda just a stoner but he was chill & loved his family and friends openly. He didn't mind Buddy wanting to be around him all the time and wasn't really phased by Buddy's weirdness(he was more likely to laugh and then explain things to Buddy rather than just get uncomfortable about it or tell him to shut the hell up like most people). Buddy fuckin LOVED Hector, he was very much a beloved/idolized older sibling figure who could do no wrong in Buddy's eyes.

Q: I’m almost shocked you tried to off your sister sooner than you tried to kill [your mom]. Is your connection getting any better? Or is it only getting more tense between you and your mom? Maybe y’all should do those ‘mother-son bonding activities’.
A: (IC) Buddy's mood plummets at the reminder of what he did to Phoebe. He scrapes his boot across the ground and hunches his shoulders, looking everywhere but at his questioner. Truthfully he's never thought about killing his mother. He's not a violent person; that he abandoned Phoebe to potentially die in the desert was entirely dependent on her being a dumb kid who trusted him not to hurt her. In the end he couldn't even go through with what had to be the most cowardly method of murder possible and went back out to bring her home within 2 hours. His mother wouldn't follow him into the next room, much less trust him to lead her anywhere she had no way of navigating.

"I dunno...things seem the same as ever...I don't really see her much anyways." And while it doesn't stop him from fantasizing about having a picnic at the park or just sitting around the coffee table coloring like he's seen her do with his sister, "She wouldn't be into doing one of those bonding things with me."

Q: "Are you afraid of being alone at all?"
A: (IC) "Dude being alone sucks so bad. I get all sad and stuff." Severely depressed, more like. His brow furrows in concentration as he has a rare moment of self-reflection, and combined with the pout and his cheap novelty sunglasses he manages to look exactly like a 5 year old trying to figure out long division. "It's not like...scary, though? Unless I'm locked in somewhere by myself, that shit sucks SOOOOO bad."

Artist Notes

  • Please don't lighten his skin tone
  • body type: short & soft w/ big thighs