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Chronicler Rhynelli

Species: AsuraNicknames: Hot head, Princess, Flower Personal Phrase: "Go get em' tiger"Age: 25 yearsGender:FemaleHeight: ShortEye Colour: Pinkish-redMost Notable Feature: Bright Red hairPersonality: Energetic, Smart, Prepared, Charming, Hopeless romanticMarks: 5 markings along her foreheadDominant hand:RightRelatives: Mother, and Father

Enemy: The inquest Mother: Chemist Hanni
Father: Doctor Kanne

Enemies: The inquests


One late night in a small area in the grove a miracle was blesses upon a couple, a baby was born in the Grove word rushed all about the Grove as excited chatters left everyone mouth as the labour was in progress. Doctor Kanne the lucky father soon to be was busy pacing about outside, mostly because he would pass out each time his wife made a scream of pain, he could no longer feel his hand as curses left Hanni's mouth and irritation flowed though her body squeezing the mans hand responsible for putting her in such pain, he was sure that she'd broken it. Not even minutes later small cries were heard from outside the room and right then Kanne really did pass out, was he ready for this.

Rhynelli was always an excited little asura, with her bright red hair she always stuck out from the rest, well, she was the only Asura there that wasn't her parents living there. Sometimes she would see others pass though and leave. Rhyn never made an effort to talk to them, she truly didn't know how. Even though she was brilliant and very hard headed with a will powerful enough that she could do anything she put her mind to her people skills lacked, not very much of course, okay, a lot, they lacked a lot. Though her schooling she made high marks on everything there wasn't anything she couldn't master, but the art of friendship. Who needed friend anyways.

The day she met Hopper in the Grove, she knew. She just knew that she had to make him her friend, the Sylvari people in her classes had started calling her a loner, she stuck out enough for having bright red hair and eyes, no one surely knew of how great she could be, how dare they. She made her way to the pond, eyeing her target and picking her dress up a bit so that it wouldn't drag the ground, mother would be mad if her pretty dress got dirty. Crouching down near the pond she looked around to make sure no one was watching, and looked down to the frog.

"Hello, would you like to be my friend, you see I don't have any some of the people here are actually really quite mean, but I'll show them that I can make a friend,right?" She looked at the frog that stared up at her blankly. "Oh come on, being my friend won't be that bad, I can uh... Catch you bugs, and we can go on adventures together and play, it'll be fun" She smiled innocently at him "What do you say, friend?" She extended her arms to the slimy amphibian before her, keeping her smile to not frighten him. With a small puff of his chest he leaped into her arms, the unbreakable bond was then made. She squealed and hugged him close.
"You'll need a name, Mr. Frog. I know! Hopper!"
The next day she brought Hopper to school with her, and was definitely deemed the class freak. But honestly she could care less, she had a friend.

Growing up was a breeze for her, she was always learning new things, always getting into trouble too but the world couldn't stop her of her excited nature. As she grew up she began to fall in love with the elements, earth, water, air, and her favourite of all fire. She felt close to it, it kept her warm, enclosed her in a warm place she didn't want to leave it felt like home when she was away from home, fire didn't burn, fire wasn't something to be feared fire was just a blanket to shield her from the coldness around her. When she got mad sometimes she couldn't control it and would burn things, which is how she got the nickname hot head.

Hanni was pleased, she was very pleased as she watched her little fire Lilly grew up into a fine, beautiful Asura. They were never strict parents but definitely encouraged and pushed her into the right directions to make good choices so that she might lead a good life in her future, though that wasn't hard to encourage or push, she didn't really need it, she was always studying and working on new things. Kanne was a wonderful father, so proud of his most favourite invention ever. He couldn't stand the thought of seeing his little baby grow up but he knew it was inevitable.

The day Rhynelli left home her parents couldn't stop crying and begging her not to go, but they'd known that she'd already gotten her mind set to go. At the age of 23 She was ready to explore out of the Grove and see the world. With Hopper packed in a bag that strapped around her chest and a few necessary items, food, clothes, maps she made her way out after bidding her family to see them again.

Exploring was amazing, she saw so many great and wonderful things. She met all sorts of types of people, Norns were strange folk, always getting drunk, being extra loud once a norn challenged her to a drinking contest and well, lets just say he won and everyone saw her one piece as she danced upon the table to Norn songs, woke up the next day next to hopper giving her a surely disapproving stare. Frogs man, never know how to have fun.
Dressing and making her way out quiet not to wake anyone she made it away safely.
Long walk and many stops, to stare at the scenery or to just take a rest she enjoyed ever bit of it. Along her way she met a hitchhiker skritt named Tik what a funny fellow he was, always asking her for the shiny beads in her hair or shiny things, always talking about shiney's. He told her not far from where they were a humans village resided, he was kicked out for stealing all their shiney's he couldn't understand his wrongs but honestly Rhyn didn't care she just wanted to make it to the village her feet hurt and she was hungry. She threw him a silver coin and made her way.
The humans town lit up beautifully always decorated with beautiful lights that hung from the tall houses and gave the town a soft and cheery environment, the people there were welcoming. The children were kind and always wanted to get a good look at Hopper and play with her she fit in with them and loved playing with them as long as she could, within her year of being there the spent most of her time in the library learning all that she could of the humans and even norn backgrounds, they had books there for everything, literally. She fell in love with romance books, couldn't get enough and would always order some in with the librarian that lived there who was happy to get them for her.  She spent her free time with the kids listening to the town elder read children's books to them which she looked forward to each week.

One day she was minding her business making her way to the weekly story telling and was pushed around by a towns drunk man, he was very mean. After pushing her around he mad his way to push on other people and a child also making their way to the story telling, who she knew to be pretty close to. She wasn't having any of that so she stepped in the way of him and the man and got pushed down in his place, she told him to leave but he was too frozen, scared, standing in place. She got up to push the man away from the scared kid but he hit her and pushed her to the wall by her neck holding her there cursing at her. She was starting to get mad and kicked him and he stumbled back only to swing and hit her again, the kid still standing there too shocked to do anything the man then went for the kid and she blacked out-
Next thing she knew the man was dead before her feet he'd been burned and the kid lied there unconscious a few feet away still alive, breathing shallowly, suffering from some pretty bad burns. People began to rush out, and check the boy, rushing away with him to get medical attention. She was a hero, but she felt like the devil... She'd hurt the boy. She stayed with him day-in and day-out not leaving his side in the hospital. He awoke on the 3rd day, she'd fallen asleep next to his bedside.
"Thank you" a tear fell from her sleeping face.
The next day the boy awoke she was no longer there, no longer in the town. He new this wouldn't be the last time to see her, she left her favourite books with a note. "I'll be back for these, read them well." Surely she'll be back.

At the age of 25 she finally traveled all the way to Rata Sum, the homeland of her own kind. Cause the Black citadel was definitely not her home. After leaving the human town she went there first but she just couldn't sleep, her neighbors wouldn't stop shouting war chants even in his sleep, the smell of grinding weapons and armoury wasn't her cup of tea truly. She had to leave, and she had to leave FAST. Which is why she is now standing in a field watching the Moas run though the trimmed grass the sight was beautiful, the wind blew and the sun peeked though the thin cloud. Looking around she deemed this a great resting stop, looking down approvingly to Hopper who just puffed out his chest in return to her. Making a real disgusted face at him, well.. that ones new.  Picking him up in her arms she walked down into the field more seeing a tree she thought would be a great place to sit down she made her way over, stopping when she saw something sitting beneath it a white wolf resting their head on his thigh as he seemed to fiddle with something in his hand. She felt her heart skip a beat.
What the heck.. what am I feeling?
Her heart beat again faster as she examined him, his dark skin and large ears his smile that spread along his lips as he stared down to the wolf companion that rests at his side. Hitting her chest where her heart was.
Stop stop you dumb heart.
Then a though crossed her mind... hm, a grin spread her cherry kissed lips.

She picked up a rock and chunked it at the moa closest to him, successfully hitting it in the head also successfully pissing it off, to where all the moas ran after her. "Not part of the plan" she screeched out and ran quickly past the asura sitting comfortably under the tree screaming for help. By the time she looked back the moas were gone and he was shaking dust off his hands patting his wolf. "Good girl, who's a good girl, you are, yes you are Phan." She made her way to him silently standing behind him staring curiously. He began to turn, but she wasn't mentally prepared to talk to him, I mean, she hadn't gone over her lines you know, so what was she gonna say?? So she grabbed the next best thing and squished Hopper to his face.
Probably not the best way to make a friend but she didn't know that.

She learned that his name was Veott and he makes these really cool things called Animagolems!! Woah, isn't he cool or what?? She couldn't help but stare at his backside each time he turned around, I mean... it was so round. She would very much like to thank his mother for bringing such a butt into the world. She decided to nickname him Vebooty, she also learned he was older than her, but that didn't stop her heart from fluttering each time he laughed at her silliness or just happened to make small eye contact with her. She learned his wolf companions name was Phantasma, Phan for short, she thought she was super pretty, she hoped that one day she'll be able to pet the silky fur on her. She felt safe, with Veott. Much like a fire, wherever they were if Veott was there if felt like home. She was finally comfortable she felt at home.

Fears: Being alone, afraid that one day her fire will no longer burnSecrets: She has a crush on VeottPet-Peeves: Being woken upUnskilled at: Cooking Addictions: Battling, Vebooty, booksQuirks: When she speaks she tends to make excessive hand movements expressing how she feels. 

Talents: Her fire skills, she likes to make moving images with her fire skills and put on small shows.
"The world will never darken, as long as my fire still lights"

Likes: Romance novels, Veott, playing with fire, reading to her frog.Dislikes: Mean people, Inquest, Dragons, the feeling of people talking badly of her.

Prized Possessions: Her best friend, Hopper, the frog.

It was a late evening when Rhynelli was returning home from her late studies, running through the darkness of Rata Sum, small lanterns eliminate her way home along the rock path. On the way home a loud crash of lighting awoke her from her thoughts making her heart race.
"I didn't know there was to be a storm?" As she looked around she saw a dark road that looked as if it could be a shortcut to the way home, "Never seen this before, it'll be quicker this way, right hopper?" looking down to her little frog friend that followed her everywhere; They were two peas in a pod inseparable since young. She bent down to the small frog to allow it to hop up into her arms, with a smile to him they were off down the dark road.
As she continued to walk it became harder to see, not that she could really see before, but with the rain pouring from the sky in buckets it became impossible. Hopper cuddled closer to her as she walked further.
Rhynelli smiled down to him "Don't be scared hm, I'm here, okay." She comforted the small creature that she held close. Not knowing who she was trying to comfort more, her best friend, or herself.
Shaking from the cold she ran over to a tree after she deemed herself lost; trying to find any available shelter from the storm. Sitting there in the poring rain, soaked its felt like an eternity; 
I'm afraid.
Not seeing any signs of Rata sum she began to call for help, anyone to save her from the storm.
"Help ! Hello ? If there anyone there? Please." No answer. She tried again, and again. When finally she heard what sounded like footsteps, she called again louder this time.

They came closer, and closer faster this time. Looking up to see what was standing before her, her heart dropped, was it even beating anymore? No. She couldn't feel it. What stood before her was a centaur, huge, weapon ready to kill. "Hello. Puppet." His husky voice let out. The corners of his lips turned up in a slight grin. "You better run now, lets make it interesting, right puppet?" I'm afraid.
Grabbing hopper, she fell scurrying to her feet, but was quick to get back up and run for her life in any direction she just wanted to get away. She ran, and ran her lungs on fire from the lack of air, but that didn't matter with how close the trotting was behind her and the audible yells from the beast telling her to "run faster." to scream even.
Not being able to run anymore she hid behind a tree, hoping, praying for someone to save her. 
I'm afraid. Save me.
No one was coming for her, she knew, this is where she dies.
The steps drew closer she got up to begin running but was pulled back into the body of a half horse man towering over her from behind, his arm snuck around her neck tilting her head up to look at him in the eyes- all she could see in those eyes was the reflection of her fear  she scrambled to get away, kick, push anything. He let go; she fell down the wet ground, with the rain falling around them and the lightning luminating the dark night there was no fight left in her as she crawled to Hopper who sat next to the tree, she sat against the tree holding her best friend as close as comfortably possible.
The beast stared down at the gross sight displayed before his eyes, ready to wash it from his memory. "Any last words, puppet" As he was speaking she held up her hand wiping the tears from her burning face with her other hand hoping, praying to save herself, but nothing happens, she couldn't. She couldn't light anymore. 
He lets out a roaring chuckle that sounds the night. "Goodbye." With the sword raised high in his right hand, she held hopper closer, in hopes of telling him everything will be okay. Lightning stuck again fast, and just as fast the sword came down in eye sight...

Screaming sounded the house as Rhynelli awoke, tears pouring from her eyes, holding her chest. 
It was a dream she thought to herself, looking over to see hopper on her bed sound asleep, she picked him up to lay back down with him, pulling him close to her chest she only let out silent cries. falling back to sleep...