2 years, 8 months ago


he/him or they/them.

'Step right up' and all that biz. Y'know the game is gaffed, right? You'll never win.

Local grumpy carnie. Lives on a diet of trash carnival food, their favourite being candyfloss. Runs a 'tin can alley' type game stand, in which the bottom cans are clearly glued to the base. Doesn't give two shits about their job, but it's a living.

Has a past that he would rather not talk about. Even inquiring about it is enough to earn a punch in the face. 

Smiles a little more now that he's finally found a long-lost friend.

Please don't draw them smiling unless I specifically ask for it. Not for any edgy reason; just because they're a grumpy bastard who never smiles. Their default expression is always bored or unimpressed and they usually wear a scowl.