Xu Yuan Jun



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Name: Xu Yuan Jun

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Jiangshi (Vampire)


Mannerisms: Fiddling with the beads on his side to quell his nerves or hunger

Likes: Writing, Poems, Friendly conversations

Dislikes: Fighting, Scaring people (unintentionally), Being reminded of his current state of being

Positive Traits: Humble, Patient, Protective

Negative Traits: Forgetful, Indecisive, Clumsy

Hobbies: Writing, food blogging

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality Type

They're shy and despite not talking much they find any friendly company quite worthwhile. More often than not they're usually tired all the time, especially during the day.

Shy towards strangers

Fairly open with close friends

Enemies will find themselves quite the enemy in angering him.


Name: Longevity

Description: They're capable of 'living' despite their body more or less being left in a state of rot.

Weakness: The tag that keeps their spirit sealed within their vessel is located on their chest underneath all their garments.

Name: Enhanced speed / strength

Description: They're a lot faster than a normal Jiangshi, given that they were turned into one and not 'made' from an already deceased body.

Weakness: The most they could pick up would be 1 whole car. And run around 65 or so mph.

Name: Deadly bite

Description: A Jiangshi is capable of turning others into a Jiangshi through a 'virus' (which I assume is through blood contamination while the victim is still alive) Because of this, Jun tends to keep his mouth hidden, and whatever 'life' he happens to feed from, often does not survive the process for the sake of putting them out of their misery.

Weaknesses: (These are just a small variety which I thought were worth noting out of 'fairness.'

- They can see their own reflection in mirrors, and are often frightened of them.
- Rooster calls also frighten them, for they signal the rising sun.
- Fire and Sunlight (for obvious reasons)
- Wide, rushing rivers (they can't swim)
- A sword charged under the light of the moon made of Chinese coins can be used in an attack against the vampire.
- To subdue a vampire the person must take a thin yellow piece of paper and write out a distinct spell in chicken's blood, which will then be attached to the vampire's forehead.


Occupation: Traveler, Writer

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: While they can't eat, they have been known for taking pictures of foods. They do drink warm tea however.

Favorite Possession: Their Journal

Favorite Weapon: None

Favorite Animal: None


Education: Most of their knowledge stems from the internet & the world around them. However they also have a decent bout of experience regarding first-aid and some minor medical practices.


A once lively young man that was 'infected' by another Jiangshi but managed to retain their sentience due to their passive nature. Though they were able to seal their body to keep it from rotting away altogether, they journey the world in search of both aid to their curse as well as interesting stories of the world.

They spend their time away from heavily crowded cities, and although they require the 'life essence' of the living in order to survive, they tend to resort to animals for the most part. And abstain from humans altogether unless they seriously can't help it.

They have a travel blog called 'SleepyT' where they post food pictures as well as scenic views, and on some occasions random little stories inspired by passing travelers. (They collect recipes and interesting places in hopes of returning one day revitalized and able to fully enjoy their collected platter of foods.)

They met Fang one bright and sunny day, after watching the guy get chased off a cliff by some unsavory company and eventually found the poor guy cowering under a bridge. She offered to him an umbrella, and after that he ended up following behind her, to which she found creepy and outright asked him why? And in turn he spoke to her his first word, 'friend?'. From there they shared their story to her, where they joined as traveling buddies for a while, and eventually Fang shared her story with him as well.

He met Yu Lai online through Fang, after Fang had shown Yu Lai some of his photo's and after having had his blog bombarded with a flurry of fav's and reblogs he approached her in kind online, where they met in a group chat with Fang.

The Future

In the future he ends up becoming an author to a book series called, 'Tales from the West' which is a collaborated variety of stories acculmulated throughout his lifetime. He also works as a photographer where businesses can commission him to come in and take photo's of their dishes and such. Sometimes even offering advice on the best layouts for presentation. Jun ultimately can tell when food is good, just from the very appeal of how much energy went into it. Something that has to do with his 'chi senses'.


Mom: Unknown

Dad: Unknown

Siblings: None

Relationships: None

Pets: None


Sirene Wu Fang
Yu Lai