Amegami's Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!

Character Permissions

Cannot be transferred for any reason.

Design Terms of Use

All rights reserved. Please ask if you want to feature any artwork from myself that I have of this character to any website you wish to, and do give credit where it's due.

You are free to submit fanart-- commissioned, gifted or otherwise of the following character to me. I appreciate your contributions!

Supercharger Global Rules

Before you interact with any of my characters and designs, consider these: 

1) Designs and characters that are currently marked as not transferable cannot and will not be transferred in any way. 

2) Please ask if you would like to feature artwork of my existing characters from me to another website. I sadly am not able to let you feature artwork of my characters from other individuals as some people wish that only I can use said artwork. 

3) Prices for designs I sell are finalized unless stated as available for discounts, whether to individual designs or a group of designs. 4) Please do not draw fanart of my characters in depiction of not-safe-for-work and sensitive materials in any shape of form. I prefer my characters to remain viewed for both the general audience and PG-13 audience. 

5) Please follow specific design rules where applicable. I reserve the right to deny access to my character designs and artwork should there be failure to follow these terms on your end.