[F2U] softer's Comments

Hi! I really like this one~ It was also fun to customise!

So cute! Gonna use for my profile :0

thank you so much!! LOVE the way you used it, the aesthetic is lovely!! <3

Np np! And aaaa ty, that's so sweet!

Using for my profile. <3

absolutely love this!! thank you for the code, will be using :)) <33

<3 glad you like it!! i love the way you customised it!!


im glad you like it!! i love the way you customised it too <3


i hadn't considered it until now but it sounds like it'd be fun to do!! i'll try and give it a go soon :0


i will! thank you so much for the interest <3


used^_^ur code is really clean! 

omg i ADORE the way you customised it what the hell!!!! toga my beloved + the colours and general theme of it is so!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so glad you liked the code! <3


THANK U!!! toga my beloved <33 i appreciate the kind words :D

used!!! it fitted with the theme of my carrd, and it was easy to edit <3

woah i love the way you customised it!!!! tysm for using it <3

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DFGJDJFG i love them!!! my girls!!!

ty! have fun using the code <3