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"Just because our eyes meet, doesn't mean we have to battle~"

A fiery young woman who has established herself as a talented Pokémon trainer and member of Pokémon League. But her true destiny lies as the Chosen of Johto's Ho-Oh, Lady Skye, a responsibility that is both an honor and a burden.

Sam is, at first, a quiet and unassuming person; she prefers to watch from a distance and assess the situation before she becomes involved. She usually prefers to enter conflicts she is certain she can win.

Once she feels comfortable with the situation or the people she is with, her bold and headstrong personality shows itself. She can come across as stubborn and bossy, especially if she does not think anyone else is good enough to take charge (though she willingly follows anyone who has her respect). She rarely admits defeat or when she is wrong, and will often pretend she is keeping her cool when in reality she is scared or uncertain.

Sam rarely trusts her softer side to others; when given the choice, she would rather hide her feelings inside than allow others to see her "weakness." But, when given the chance to be herself in the presence of someone she trusts, she will allow herself to become emotionally vulnerable and affectionate. She wants others to protect her, though she is cynical and does not think others can be trusted to do so.

She loves Pokémon unconditionally and is always willing to help them, or other trainers in need.

【 Name 】 Samantha McPhoenix 【 Gender 】 Female
【 Nickname 】 Sam 【 Sexuality 】 Heterosexual
【 Age 】 20 【 Significant other 】 Alexander Tokaru
【 Occupation 】 Pokémon Master, Pokémon care/rehabilitator, Chosen of Ho-Oh 【 Family 】 Dentor Mitsuya (cousin)

Physical Appearance:

Age Progression: 10 (start of her Pokémon journey), 11 (participated in Pokémon Stadium tournament, first attempt at Elite Four challenge), 11-12 (Johto journey, participates in Pokémon Stadium tournament and wins, defeats Elite Four), 13 (The Minty-Fivestar Adventure), 14 (named Ho-Oh's Chosen), 16 (Bound to the Dragon's Heart), 20 (Beyond Rite), 21 (Final Requiem)

Height/Weight: 5'2" / about 100-ish lbs
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: brown

Racial background: 1/2 Kantonian (Caucasian), 1/2 Sevii Islander (Filipino)

Sam wears a black, form-fitting tube top under a magenta/pink-colored zip-up top, both of which expose her midriff area. She wears black pants that ride relatively low on her hips. Her boots are usually brown with black treads, but they can be all black as well.

She always wears two belts; the primary one holds a small pack on her waist while the second one hangs down to her right and usually carries her Pokéballs. She may wear either a pair of black fingerless gloves, or two black wristbands. If she wears the wristbands, she will also wear silver rings on her fingers--two on her right hand (index and ring fingers) and one on her left hand (middle finger). She wears a necklace with a teardrop-shaped red gemstone, symbolic of her affinity to Fire-types. She will always wear a black armband around her upper left arm, to hide the scars there.

Sam wears rectangular glasses with pink lenses most of the time; they may appear to be sunglasses, but are actually prescription lenses that correct for severe nearsightedness. These pink glasses are part of her "trainer persona"; however, she has been seen wearing clear lenses with more frequency lately. She rarely, if ever, wears contacts.

Other Features:
Sam has two sets of scars on her; two on her upper left arm (which she is in the habit of hiding with her armband), and two on her right hip. The ones on her arm are from a traumatic attack by a Golbat when she was 12. The ones on her hip are more recent, and came from an accidental Slash attack from Alexander's Persian.

Before and during Bound to the Dragon's Heart, Sam has much longer hair (midway down her back) and wears a simplified version of her current outfit (see old reference sheet).

During and after Beyond Rite, she has cut her hair shorter, and updated her appearance to her current one (see current reference sheet). She also tends to wear her clear-lensed glasses far more frequently than her pink-tinted ones. She first acquires the scars on her hip during the events of Beyond Rite.

As Lady Skye's Chosen, Sam has received certain blessings and abilities from her guardian Pokémon. These abilities include allowing Sam to heal at a somewhat faster rate than normal (might heal a wound in one week as opposed to two, for instance), and giving her heightened empathy for creatures in the immediate area. Sam can use this ability for a variety of situations, from sensing injured Pokémon near her, to having a general "sense" of where opponents are around her, to being able to empathize and talk to people more effectively. She is renowned for being especially talented at "talking down" angry or aggressive Pokémon, and being especially perceptive when conversing with others in need of someone to listen to them.

In addition, Sam can also speak mentally to her guardian Pokémon, no matter what their distance away from each other; however, she cannot demand Lady Skye's attention, and it is more likely that Lady Skye will contact her first. This is normally only utilized in tense situations, where Lady Skye can talk Sam through what needs to be done, and reassure her of her own abilities.

In dire situations, Lady Skye is capable of "controlling" the actions of her Chosen in order to help keep her from harm, if Sam is not able to defend herself effectively. However, the Ho-Oh disapproves of a guardian Pokémon taking advantage of their Chosen human, and will only do this if there is no other choice.

Sam was born in Viridian City, Kanto, though she was raised in Pallet Town, and had a fairly typical childhood. She, like many other children, became a Pokémon trainer at age 10. What was not quite as typical was how talented she proved to be as a trainer, defeating the Gym Leaders of Kanto with surprising skill for her age. She succeeded in obtaining all the badges and went on to Indigo Plateau to challenge the Elite Four. Though she came close to succeeding in her first attempt, she eventually was defeated by Lance Scott, the leader of the Elite Four.

Though disappointed in herself, Sam was also encouraged by her idol to continue improving herself. She resolved to do so, and at age 11, participated in the Indigo Plateau Pokémon Stadium tournament that year and finished as one of the final four, putting her on the radar as one of the up and coming new young talents of the Pokémon world. Her older cousin, Dentor Mitsuya, was also garnering fame for becoming the top ranked Pokémon Master in Kanto and Johto, and the two were often discussed in trainer circles as prodigies.

Surrounded by newfound fame, Sam continued her journey through Johto, enjoying the serenity of the region and finding purpose in aiding others who were menaced by Team Rocket. She found herself drawn to the towers of Ecruteak City, having mysterious dreams and feeling more connected to her Pokémon than ever while in the city. Still, driven to become the best trainer she could, she continued on her way. Her successful gym challenge eventually brought her back to Indigo Plateau, where she was finally successful in defeating the Elite Four. Her status as a champion-level trainer was solidified, and she also began working directly for Lance as a "special ops" trainer due to her experience and success combating Team Rocket.

Overly confident in herself, and riding the high of becoming the Indigo Plateau champion AND winning the Pokémon Stadium tournament that year, Sam decided to return to Kanto and do something she had always wanted to pursue--explore the Unknown Dungeon outside of Cerulean City. What resulted was a life-threatening dungeon dive in which she encountered a Mewtwo, barely managed to capture it, and then narrowly made it out of the cave in one piece; Lance was able to rescue her just in the nick of time. Sam escaped with the deep scars on her arm, and a Pokémon clone that was intent on not cooperating with her. Her self-esteem took a nosedive, first from her near-death experience, and second from the Mewtwo's hostility. She eventually chose to release the Mewtwo, believing he would be happier without her. But after Sam was captured by Team Rocket attempting to save a Mew they seized, the Mewtwo unexpectedly returned and saved them. Filled with newfound respect for her, the Mewtwo and Mew agreed to become her friends, and she nicknamed them Five-Star and Minty.

Sam continued to be successful at subsequent Pokémon competitions, and she also proved successful at the Pokémon League challenge in Hoenn. However, in the midst of this success, Sam found herself having mysterious dreams again... dreams that spurred her to return to Ecruteak City in Johto. She ascended to the top of the Tin Tower, where she was greeted by Johto's Ho-Oh, Lady Skye. The beautiful Legendary phoenix spoke of how the time had come to select her champions to help her protect the world, and she had selected Sam to become her Chosen. At first, Sam was in disbelief, and told Lady Skye she had to think about it. The Ho-Oh encouraged Sam to do so, and for a few months, the young girl found herself dazed and aimless. For so long, her Pokémon journey had been the most important thing to her. Now she was faced with the daunting responsibility of serving a Legendary Pokémon.

It took Sam a while to come to her decision, though it was not an easy process. Lance gave her as much advice as he could muster, being himself the Chosen of the dragon Legendary, Rayquaza. Eventually, Sam returned to Lady Skye and told her she accepted the role of Chosen, to which the Ho-Oh responded with joy and gratitude.

While Sam continued to live her life happily, balancing her duties to Lady Skye, her job at the Pokémon League, and her own competitive journey, something changed after she turned 17 and returned from her journey in Sinnoh. She essentially dropped out of nearly all tournaments and competitive events, leading to speculation throughout trainer circles. Only her closest friends are aware of what changed, and how it has truly affected her.

Since her return from Sinnoh, Sam has "retired" from competitive Pokémon battling for the most part, though she occasionally takes part in invites or exhibition matches at the Indigo Plateau. She currently works at "The Chu-Chu Farm," a ranch that breeds rare Pokémon and rehabilitates injured, abandoned, or unruly Pokémon. She is always on-call for Lady Skye, as well as the Pokémon League. She answers to Lance Scott, Indigo Plateau's Champion and the current Dragon Master, and aids him in his constant vigil over the Pokémon world from threats and criminal teams.

After Sam becomes acquainted with Wes and Rui, two special individuals from Orre who have an intriguing connection to Shadow Pokémon, Rui is targeted and kidnapped by Koyasha's mysterious cult, "Final Requiem." Tasked by Lady Skye to protect Rui, Sam desperately teams up with the traditional mercenary Alexander Tokaru to try and save her from a terrible fate. Along the way, Sam is forced to face her growing feelings for her former rival...

Other notes:

Sam once dated Gary Oak, a childhood friend from when she grew up in Pallet Town. The two broke up after the undisclosed event that occurred when she was 17. When asked, she attributes the breakup to them becoming "too different" and their lives becoming incompatible with one another. While they are still friendly, Gary seems more interested in "trying again" than she is.

At age 14, when she returned to Johto to become Lady Skye's Chosen, Sam crossed paths with Alexander during an attempted robbery. She thwarted his plans, and since then, the two have considered each other rivals and adversaries. Though Sam insists he is irritating and needs to be brought to justice, she has never apprehended him on the multiple occasions she has encountered him.

Sam has a phobia of bat Pokémon due to her traumatic experience with Golbats in the Unknown Dungeon. While she can usually function fine around most bat species regardless (even if she is noticably uncomfortable), Golbats themselves will terrify and shut her down, especially if they fly or swoop in her direction. Her Pokémon know of this, and if an opposing trainer ever uses a Golbat, they become incredibly motivated to quickly knock it out.

She is mildly allergic to Pokémon that produce lots of dust or pollen, and certain long-haired Pokémon. This is part of the reason why she does not often train Grass or Bug-type Pokémon.

Main Pokémon team: Joey (Pikachu), Firestorm (Charizard), Pyro (Blaziken), Neos (Empoleon), Eclipse (Umbreon), Heishin (Nidoking)
Other Pokémon (WIP): Minty (Mew), Five-Star (Mewtwo), Bluewave (Blastoise), Sushi (Lanturn), Embraise (Delphox)

Alexander Tokaru

Alexander Tokaru

[ Love interest ] Sam first met Alexander when the two were teenagers, and immediately decided she didn't like the charming criminal who somehow managed to escape her bringing him to justice. The two established themselves as rivals, and over their many meetings were never able to best one another. When forced to finally work together for a common goal, however, the two realized their rivalry had developed into attraction for one another. Though she deeply cares for Alexander, Sam is keenly aware of her vulnerability and how he could hurt her if he breaks her trust.

Dietrich Artemis

Dietrich Artemis

[ Rival, close friend ] Sam met Dietrich when both of them were children, and he challenged her to their first battle--only for her to immediately wish she'd never accepted. Once he considered her his rival, he wouldn't leave her alone, causing her distress and anger. After a falling out, the two have reunited years later and made amends, causing them to become much closer. Sam is content with calling Dietrich a close friend, though she suspects he may have stronger feelings for her, which makes her feel guilty that she does not see him in the same way.



[ Pokémon ] Not long after Sam became a Pokémon master, she ventured into the Unknown Dungeon and encountered a Mewtwo. After a long and arduous battle, she managed to capture the Mewtwo, only to find he was completely uncooperative and hostile. Despite this rough start, the two eventually came to respect one another, and Sam now considers Five-Star one of her most trusted and close friends.



[ Pokémon ] A baby Mew that was drawn to Five-Star in order to guide him along the right path. Sensing that Five-Star's destiny was linked to Sam's, Minty happily chose to become a Pokémon companion to the young trainer. Sam does not force the Mew to do anything she doesn't feel like doing, and dotes upon her "baby" lovingly.

Dentor Mitsuya

Dentor Mitsuya

[ Cousin ] Sam's older cousin, who is rated the number one Pokémon master in the world and shares a brotherly relationship with her. Despite his reputation, Dentor is rather down-to-earth and laidback, preferring to focus his attention on improving himself and running the ranch that he and Sam founded together. In recent years, he has discovered he is the Chosen of Raikou, which has brought him even closer to Sam as the two work to fulfill Lady Skye's wishes.

Tammi Lavega

Tammi Lavega

[ Friend ] A shy young Pokémon trainer who is also Dentor's girlfriend. Though she is not particularly skilled in Pokémon battling, Tammi has recently discovered she is the Chosen of Entei, much to her shock and dismay. Sam likes Tammi very much and works hard to assure her that she is worthy of the title.

Rich Monroe

Rich Monroe

[ Adversary, friend(?) ] A notorious and amoral Pokémon geneticist who has committed numerous crimes, Rich has been held under house arrest since finally being arrested. The only member of Pokémon League able to successfully mediate with him has been Sam. In the wake of a dangerous event involving Team Plasma and Genesect, which required Rich and Sam to work together to defeat the criminal team, Rich seems interested in pursuing Sam as more than just a friend, much to her dismay.