Sun Wu Fang [LMK] (Personality)



1 year, 3 months ago


Personality Type
(Neutral Good)
Fang's patience can be stretched pretty far after having dealt with her father. But despite having a lax personality she is also quite cautious with her surroundings.
Even at times double guessing her own opinion on certain things. Which usually leads to a negative outcome in some terms.
Her empathy is usually something that makes her come across as soft. And it usually causes trouble for the others given how it's
usually directed at others that aren't too friendly. It's only when 'evil' snaps at one of her friends does she finally snap back.

Her fear is usually what brings out her anger.
However she has been known to drink when stressed. (And that also in turn usually brings out a darker side.)

She's very playful, and overall childish in some instances. Trickery is a prime trait in her and is something that usually overcomes her when the opportunity presents itself.
Still, empathy is never out of the question in her point of view.

She believes in a way that anyone can be redeemed so long as they are  willing. Seeing them not for who they say they are, but rather how they act.

Towards strangers she will often introduce herself after getting an idea of who exactly they are as a person. Given the fact her dad IS the Monkey King, she will often go under the alias of Fang in public. That doesn't mean she won't help where help is needed. Quite the contrary. She'll step in regardless of the situation so long as she has an idea of exactly just what the situation needs.

Towards friends she's very outgoing and mischievous. While she may come off as a mix of lax and energetic, she cherishes any bonds she happens to make. And will protect her friends to the very end. The same ideals can be  said to any family.

Towards crushes she'll often go for appearance over appeal at first, and try to gauge an idea of who they really are. She'll act shy and even at times show off in front of them to get their attention.

Towards enemies  she'll attempt to at least try to talk them down, but if it's clear that there's no other way she'll immediately go on the offensive, especially if innocent people / friends / family are at risk. She definitely isn't one to back down from a fight, that's for sure.

What she likes in a partner: Someone who's headstrong  and capable of taking the lead, but also has a lil bit of a soft side to  those they trust. Optimistic. Funny. Bold. She likes those that are  really strong, but are also humble. Someone who can handle both her and  her fiery spirit, and isn't afraid to get down and dirty on the  battlefield or in bed.


Ropes, Whips, Rough Play, Biting, Scratching, BJ's, Knotting, Doggy-Style (Can be either Dom or Sub)

Really likes it when the opposing is a lot more dominant tho, like straight up push her up against a wall and flirt and she'll 404.

Her tail is just as much a weapon in bed than in public, make note of that if you try to tie her down. Because she HAS been known to loosen knots with that thing. LMAO

They don't mind using toys either. Preferably vibrator's. HOWEVER, if you push her in the afterglow she'll make sure you fucking remember it.

(Do not be surprised if she pulls out a few clones, or even a straight up dick with her power's of transformation) BECAUSE YES, MAGIC

She IS a cuddler, despite her more rough appeal for sexual intimacy. She can show a much softer side with fluff and spooning. Especially after a session, you'll have to pry yourself out of her dank sweaty hands.


No butt stuff, she doesn't like it up the ass AT ALL. (But if you can get her drunk enough she'll consider it.)

Same with handling her tail, PULL THAT THING AND YOU'RE A DEAD MAN. Fuckin' hurts.

No choking, scat, tickling (for prolongued amounts of time) vore, gore, watersports, keep that gross shit outta hereeee

Her back, and her left arm, are about the only two scars she does NOT want you touching. The one on her arm isn't so bad, but her back is fucking tender to a point. So do be mindful of that. It isn't hard, trust me, just keep your hands on her shoulders and enjoy the ride~

Otherwise she'll tie you down.