Sun Wu Fang [LMK] (Powers)



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Immortality: Having stolen 1 peach herself and eventually given a peach of invulnerability as a gift from her father she holds 6k years under her belt.

Invulnerability: Given another peach, this one of invulnerability. Not as strong as Wukong's but definitely a lot more sturdy against the elements. Able to crack through thick boulders and escape unharmed by un-enchanted weapons.

Cloud Generation: Taught by the MKing. Although she has a means of transportation, she only seems to use it for either being lazy or emergencies.

Clone Creation: She's capable of creating 5 perfect clones from her hair just as MKing is.

Telepathic Communication: Taught by the MKing for the sake of keeping in contact with her during her journey. She doesn't use it all too often unless she needs aid from  a  far off friend or simply desires to check in on those close to her.

Transformation: She can only seem to transform into animals. The bigger they are the quicker she loses control of the shape. (Panda, Red Panda, Tabby cat, Shiba dog, blue bird, short-eared owl, dolphin, spotted jaguar, swallowtail butterfly)

Shrinking: She can shrink herself down, and grow a little bit bigger, though she prefers not to.

Enhanced Physical Attributes: Though trained to be strong, quick and agile, she's nowhere near as capable as MKing. However he has told her before that she is capable of   taking down her uncle the Demon Bull King if she had to.

Combat Skills: Trained by MKing, she wields a hefty variety of martial arts under her belt.

Twisting Bramble: A quick repetitive action that involves fast jabs at her opponent while circling them.

Chi BendingChi Bending is a powerful technique taught to her by Wukong. It involves physically manifesting Chi itself into the material world. And solidifying it as the user deems fit. Doing so, the power quality depends on the users emotions. It also is usually something that takes a lot out of the user. Draining them of their Chi.

Knuckle Busters: About 35% less powerful than her finishing move. She manipulates her Chi until it takes on a more physical form around her arms. Packing more into her punches.

Fang's Celestial Form: Is a powerful move that involves concentrating a massive amount of energy around the user, enough to create a solid illusion of their beast form around them. In this state they are technically invincible on the inside, and are capable of causing massive amounts of damage.
Past: In the past it has caused her issues, so rarely does she summon it unless out of desperateness. For while it remains summoned, she can't quite control it, and in a sense, it's usually used for attacking rather than anything else.

Present S3: In the future she gains a much stronger bond with her inner self, allowing her to connect to her other half, Talon. Her rage. With this she's able to flip in-between her two sides, one calm and one of rage. And is able to target her enemies properly instead of going on a full rampage.

Fang's Domain (Future): Fang's domain is essentially a similar thing from jujutsu kaisen. (If you don't know what that is, essentially she's capable of creating a dimension around herself and her enemies, where inside she's a LOT stronger.)

Fang's domain is a tornado on the outside, but on the inside would have you believe you've entered heaven with the abundance of clouds that dot the atmosphere and the solid surface of water that spans the dimension. However, upon starting a battle, the atmosphere will switch into something less pleasant depending on her tactic's.

Fang's room: Is the epitome of one's happy place. Only it's still just as dangerous. She'll use the clear surface of water for sneak attacks, as well as the clouds to gain air and obscure her enemies in a haze. Strong wind magic is used here, distant melee attacks fueled by wind slash and cut away at the enemy. For here she is a lot faster.

Talon's room: Is a lot more chaotic with their domain, the floor turns to magma rock, the clouds turn to smoke, and the world is engulfed in fire in a sense. (The tornado on the outside turns into a fire tornado as well.) She'll use ground attacks to send hot magma up from the ground at her enemies, as well as close knit combat. For here she is a lot stronger.


Overall: Most of her powers that require Chi in order to use, (transforming, clones, ect) don't last as long as they usually would with MK. Because she uses up her own Chi.

Twisting Bramble: Usually uses up a lot of stamina and requires a breather afterwards.

Knuckle Busters: Because it uses up a lot of Chi, she's usually left unconscious for a while after it. Also the longer she uses it the angrier she'll become. As her Chi thrives off her emotions, and her anger is usually the last to go.

Fang's Celestial Form: It could be considered a finishing move, as afterwards the user may end up falling unconscious due to the strain put on their body.
Past: Lack of control, partially formed, and can't hold it for too long, after using it she's bound to go down for a day or so.

Present S3: Can't hold it for too long, partially formed, after using it she's bound to go down for a few days.

Fang's Domain (Future): To break out of the domain, you'd either have to take her down, or shatter the floor below in Fang's room in order to escape into the open world. For attempting to break into Talon's floor will only bring up more magma. However if you could probably get Talon to smash a wall enough you might be able to escape.