Sun Wu Fang [LMK] (Family / Friends)



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Mom: Unknown (It is told that Fang was found along the shores of Flower Fruit Mountain cradled within a turtle shell. Wukong believes that perhaps she was born from the skies and sea, much like he was from the earth and wind.)

Dad: Monkey King (Adopted by)
Her relationship with her father is moderately tame. Where they both deeply care for one another. She considers him a strong but sometimes very stupid an stubborn monkey man. He can be quite smothering with his overprotective instincts, she knows he means well, but sometimes she just needs a break for herself.

Uncle: Lao Din
Monkey King's official shrine bearer, he takes care of all the more official stuff in favor of Wukong's shrines. He was once an official who resided apart of the Heaven's Court, but upon finding their workplace too snobbish for his taste, and overheard Wukong's outlash against the Heaven's themselves, he quit. Only to eventually end up crossing paths with him a while after Wukong finished his journey, and offered his services to him. He's played many roles, including Fang's babysitter, and while he may show his distaste for humans and the feral actions of his 'friend's family' he seems quite comfortable where he is now.

- MK: She loves him like she would a little brother. If not a small and annoying one. She cherishes him and tries her best to support him despite not always having all the piece's to his problems.

- Hun Ho: Her younger adopted sister. Met when they were children, where Fang begged her father to help her when it was apparent her spirit was too weak to live on. Wukong granted her the title as a shrine spirit, tying her to his shrine and letting his right hand take care of her. Her and Fang are very close, despite Hunny getting on her nerves all too often, just as all siblings do.

Relationships: None

Xu Yuan Jun
Yu Lai

MKing's crew: She was told many stories as a child about the adventures regarding his old crew. And regards them as hero's of old.

MK's crew: Fang see's them as good heart-ed individuals, any friend of MK's is a friend of hers as far as she sees it.
Mei: Fellow party-goer, Mei reminds her of her bestie Yu Lai.
Pigsy: Hot-headed hard worker. She finds it pretty fun to mess with him, but respects his values as a father + chef, being a home cooker herself.
Tang: She finds him quite the amusing little character, even giving him his own nickname 'Scholar' just to tease him and his obsessiveness regarding her father.
Sandy: A chill demon who makes surprisingly good tea. He's about the only person she trust to make her a good blend and give good advice.

Macaque: She has dealt with him in the past before when she was younger. Having grown fond of him enough as a child to of doted the term "Uncle Maca" onto him. However when her final lesson came about, he attempted to distance himself by tricking her into thinking he was attempting to hurt both her and her father. She managed to chase him off with her own power after releasing her Dharma on him, and since then has noted him with an air of caution.

He does eventually end up becoming her teacher later on during her first journey, after an argument leaves her silencing communication between herself and her father. Which in turn allows him to slip right on in and offer his hand in teaching her a means of proper survival and what it means to be strong. In the end he forces her hand to kill an opponent he'd set her up with, and it's from then that she see's him as much of a monster as she is. Cutting ties with him and moving on, though his lessons remain in mind.

Demon Bull King: Although told of his betrayal as a brother to MKing, she heard enough of their past together before then to come to the idea of viewing him as an uncle in a way.  She hopes one day  to meet him and maybe even convince him to be brothers once again with  her father.

Red Son: Hilariously enough she views him as a cousin. Though he denies any and all affiliation, she'll treat him all the same. And plays games online with him, his gamer tag being xXFlameboi420Xx