Hana (Hana (Vaiki Universe))




The Goddess of Spring


Name: Hana Called: The Goddess of Spring, Spring, Mom
Gender: Female (She/Her) Age: N/A
Sign: Libra (September 30) MBTI: ENFP-T
Height: 3'6" at shoulder Build: Average
Demeanor: Excitable, friendly Style: Floral, pastel
Origin: Unknown Race: Deity
Role: Changing of the seasons, Vesna's adoptive mother Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Running
  • Fruit
  • Flowers


  • Fire
  • Cold
  • Being cooped up



Goddess of spring, Hana races the land every six months, driving away winter as frost melts at her touch and plant life blooms at her paws. Despite the weight of her duties, Hana rarely takes her role all that seriously, preferring to spend her days goofing around. She's easily distracted and late to arrive, more often than not. Her rather irresponsible nature has left her with little control over her powers, which tend to get out of hand without proper focus - They have, on multiple occasions, caused small jungles to spring up around her, with venus flytraps taking the opportunity to snack on anyone who draws too close.

Though normally quite optimistic and upbeat (perhaps gratingly so), Hana struggles internally with insecurities about herself and her abilities, feeling at times that she isn't skilled enough to serve as the bringer of spring and fearing that she and her powers do more harm than good. When particularly stressed, these internal thoughts can manifest from the very plants her powers bring forth, whispering reminders of the mistakes she's made and the fears she hides. It bothers her to no end.


The Yacht Club - Owl City ft. Lights

Descent of the Great Goddess - Hiroshi Yamaguchi


  • Hana was formerly a member of the closed species Adopt a Deity. As of January 8, 2019, with The Royal Mirage's permission, she has been disconnected from this species for use as her own character separate from its lore and world. During her time in the AaD universe, she was one of several deities created by the goddess of creation, Spectrum, and was noted to be a bit of a drain on the other deities, particularly the god of winter, thanks to her track record of often bringing spring either too early or late.
  • During her travels, Hana has bonded with two members of a bipedal, somewhat shark-like species called Vaikis: Her closest friend, Neta, who she met while resting in a park during yet another flytrap incident; and Vesna, her 'adoptive daughter' who was found seemingly abandoned playing in the snow outside a small village one year. The three spend much time together, and have become something of a family.
  • Though she understands the basic concept of romance, Hana has difficulty differentiating platonic and romantic affection for others, and (with Neta's help) has come to consider herself quoiromantic pansexual.
  • Hana, inspired by the video game Okami and the main character's striking resemblance to her, once crafted a simple Reflector of her own. Made of steel shaped into flower petals with a pink and yellow color scheme surrounding a circular mirror, she refers to it as Blossom Storm. Amusingly enough, unbeknownst to her, this name matches the title of a track from the game almost exactly.
  • Hana’s design draws cues from Amaterasu as she appears in Okami.