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Marcella Lentz-Pope


January 21st • Aquarius • Death's Agent of War

Destroy Me


Last of Me

Sayonara Human

Young and Menace

I Can't Fix You

The Unbroken

A City in Florida
Unbeatable Network

Last Battle

Destiny Bond

Last Continue


Because there are meetings, there are partings
Because there are partings, we become sad
Because we have to become adults, there are compromises
But I still have the memories of when I was young;
I have a smell I remember even now
I have a pain I remember even now
I have a scenery I remember even now
Because I have a smile I remember even now.

“Goodbye” and “See you tomorrow”
Those are great when you’re human… are they, I wonder?
I can’t see you ever again, but I remember your words
"Even if you get really sick of being 
human, don’t stop yet, okay…?”


Haru is an eidolon who died at the age of twenty-three and currently lives to do her own thing. She has the ability to freely switch between both the world of the living and the world of the dead, and she makes use of this power depending on whatever kinds of situations or jobs she ends up in. She usually finds herself either going on adventures with her personal circle of friends, but it's not too uncommon to find her in city populace or at bars and clubs either looking for a good quest to take on or a good time to have fun.

Personality-wise, Haru is headstrong and loud, often noted to be quite the extrovert in her circle of friends. There is never a time where a song is not playing in her head, and her movements often showcase that with headbobbing and her spare hands moving in tandem with whatever rhythm is inside her noggin. She speaks with her hands and is a very sensual person, usually finding herself having a hand on someone's shoulder, arm, hand, whatever if she's familiar enough with them. When it comes to disaster or someone in need, she is the first one to respond and to try to help in any way that she can. Though she may come off as naive, her heart is as big as they come, and she'll do whatever she can to do the right thing (by her standards, at least).




Haru's life began the moment she died.

While her life started out with a tale of hardship splashed with endless love that poured from her to all her friends and those who cared for her, it was a quick and swift decapitation that had caused her pulse to falter and pause. Fading from life, she disappeared from the realm of the living and slipped into the comfort of limbo and numbly awaited her fate. However, something within her ghastly body had begun to stir; a metronome had begun to beat inside her chest, a rhythm that filled her heart and revitalized her body. Now being considered living instead of dead, the amalgamation of ghost and girl was revived and thrown back into the world above, the ability of being able to flicker between reality and phantasmagoria now belonging to her.

The power gifted to her was a present from either luck or fate; Haru returned to her side of the coin without her head, and she had to get it back by any means before returning to those who loved her. Following the magic that had kept in her heart, Haru set off in the desolate world parallel to the one she grew up in and floated on until she had found who had kept her head as a trophy rather than letting her rest.

It was during this journey that her limbs had becomes disjointed from her torso; a lot of strength was needed for Haru to keep focus on herself and her goals, and with every relapse of her non-existent mind she would find herself feeling as though torn at the seams. Her arms and legs betrayed her as she recalled moments of weakness and self-inflicted strife, however, it’s through her own sheer willpower and belief in her hopes and her love that has kept herself stitched up together through ghostly magnetic means. Over the course of her journey her spirit had become so strong that it manifested into two more extra limbs; Haru had to hold herself together while she was breaking, and thus her body yielded to her desire to live and keep on with her extra energy forming into her second pair of arms.

Eventually after traversing the land of the dead, she had finally found herself back to where she had been killed and where her head was kept. However, what faced her was a monster beyond her most wicked imagination: Her fears that ran her blood cold when she lived along with all of the spite and ill will of her murderer had malformed into a creature beyond unfathomable thought, wicked spite and agony keeping her head as its beating bleeding heart within its chest. Having both life and time stolen from her for far too long, Haru had finally snapped and fought the monster head-on, the battle never ending until Haru dove into the beast herself and reunited herself with the last piece of her.

With Haru finally becoming whole, the monster sputtered and exploded, splattering across the battle space and leaving the girl herself left standing. At long last, she had finally destroyed the thing that had killed her and that kept her from becoming truly alive. With one last glance to her whereabouts, she flipped back to the world of the living to finally be reunited with her friends and to start moving forward.


Haru acts as a helping hand for Death whenever they call on her. Operating only at night, she uses her scythe (which is secretly the halo that rests over her head) to reap the souls of those who torment or abuse. Due to the emotional toll and spiritual labor of this, Haru does this sparingly in order to keep her spirit and morals in check and to make sure that she is in a well state of mind before taking on her next job. She seldom uses her scythe outside of these jobs due to having been trusted not to misuse it. She respects the responsibility and power bestowed upon her, but she keeps it to herself in order to keep her focus.


  • Superstrength; Haru is a powerhouse prior to her death, so it's no doubt that her strength would carry on with her through death. She's able to lift, carry, and toss a considerable amount of heavy objects with her maximum limit currently being one ton (2000 lbs). 
  • Haru can float idly as well as fly. When she does fly, a spectral fog trails her.
  • Intangibility, the power to pass through solid objects.
  • Technopathy, the ability to control electronics and machinery.
  • Invisibility, but to a certain degree; Haru uses her shifting powers in conjunction with her invisibility in order to throw off her enemies. She appears to glitch in and out of sight when she does this. However, invisibility isn't entirely her strongsuit, so she does not rely on this power often.
  • Cyrokinesis, the ability to harness and control ice and cold energy.
  • Ecto-Energy; she normally uses her spectral energy as a raw form of firepower, but it is not uncommon to see her conjure a multi-neck guitar that doubles as an axe to use as a weapon.
  • Wailing; If charged up (via a pentagram that appears under Haru to act as an impromptu amp), Haru's guitar can omit a Banshee-like wail that can cause the opponent ear-splitting headaches and make them freeze in their tracks. Haru can Wail on her own as well, too. 

fighting style

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  • Haru’s head is always moving unless she’s asleep. She either moves to her words, her songs, or to her heartbeat. This helps to circulate the music in her veins and help her keep her sense of rhythm.
  • When Haru speaks, her helmet also talks along with her; the screen either shows emojis, emoticons, her soundwaves, subtitles for her words, or even scenes from media (such as movie scenes, TV scenes, video game scenes, et cetera). Whenever she’s silent, it defaults to her pulse. Haru’s helmet is rarely purely black/blank.
  • When Haru’s distressed or upset, her voice can distort and become muffled or glitched. If extremely upset (to the point of violent sobbing or an upheaval of anger) her screen will flicker and distort, rapidly changing colors and becoming akin to test cards and color bars. Silent anger and the need to drown out others results in static.
  • Haru’s helmet is impervious to almost anything, but in the result of it becoming cracked it can only be healed via two means: Either Haru takes off her helmet and sings to it, or someone who loves her sings to her face. Haru’s helmet cracking is equivalent to her armor breaking; everything from defenses to offensive power is cleaved in half. While the song choice itself does not matter, the main condition is that it has to be sung from the heart. The more damage sustained, the longer the song has to be.
    • A neat detail is that for every crack, each screen displays something different. If there’s two cracks, each side shows something different. Three cracks, four cracks, each divide can showcase a different clip or word or test card.
  • Haru’s ponytail is held up by her helmet; her process of putting it on is with one hand she holds her hair up as one would prior to putting on a hairtie while with the other hand she pushes her face into the mask. The helmet’s back then clicks and fuses together, leaving a hole where the hair is and blossoms out flower-like petals to act like an accessory.
  • The button to undo Haru’s helmet is located where skull meets spine.
  • Both the scarf and the star charm that rests on it are throwbacks to Haru's closest friend, someone she considers to be her own brother. (Speaking on meta terms, "a black scarf with a silver star" is more or less a staple accessory that Haru as a character has on her design at all times no matter the universe.)
  • Although Haru has the capacity to use a Vocaloid for her speech output, she opts not to use it because she can still speak. In the case that she can't use her voice or if she ever loses her voice, her back-up vocal output is flower.


All of the information located in this tab is INFORMATION NOT COMMONLY KNOWN IN-CANON. Using this information with interaction would be considered GODMODDING. 
Do NOT use this information when roleplaying or interacting with this character unless otherwise specified. If you bring this information out, I will instantly drop all interaction with you.

Haru's head is severed like how her arms and legs are. She keeps this fact as well as her real cause of death a secret, hiding it behind her scarf and star as a last scrap of dignity for herself. To anyone who inquires, she instead says that she did the deed herself and motions to her arms and legs.

Haru being revived was not pure chance. Someone intentionally brought her back to life via a unique kind of summoning, using her favorite music as her pulse until her heart was strong enough to beat on its own. However, said summoner made sure not to bind Haru to themselves and to let her live on her own once more. Haru does not know that she was summoned and thought her coming back to life was a freak miracle.

Haru’s helmet is made from the same magic that had revived her so early on in the story. The magic metronome that beat in her heart had also encased her head in protective gear at the same time so that nothing would happen to it until it was returned to her rightful owner.

Haru’s halo is actually her weapon; she doesn’t use it unless she absolutely needs it. It transforms into a massive scythe that she can ride around on. The blade is colored like fluorite and has a ghostly trail along it.

The emblem on Haru's shirt is what was actually used to summon her spirit: A fresh dead rabbit, obsidian scissors, purple tulips, purple carnations, blue and yellow hydrangeas, blue roses and a lyric from a song written on parchment. 

  • The spell that had revived her was as follows.
    With the corpse of her fauna
    And black shears of which upon bled
    With the twilight eclipse of tulips
    Hydrangea of which blue and yellow wed
    Carnations of midnight hues
    Along with a blue rose or two
    At last, with this, her song
    Sing until she comes back to you
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