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Full name: Sergio Jilani

Nickname(s): Gio

Species: Human/Maestro

Age: April 10th, 1990AR

Height: 6’0" (182cm)

Weight: 181lbs (82kg)

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Rhythm Strength: Willpower

Rhythm Weakness: Emotion

First Appearance: Racconti di Volpe

Likes: Discipline, Music, Power, Exercise, Meritocracy

Dislikes: Authority, Lawlessness, Laziness

Grand Master Jack has described Sergio as "duality in one" that is to say, there are many elements about his personality that seem in direct contrast with itself.

He values power and discipline over all else. One might think of him as the perfect fit for the military, but that's where the contradictions come in. He did a stint in the military and hated it. Every second of it he regretted his decision to join. The structure was just all wrong to him. More and more he saw the corruption of the top brass and couldn't stand it. When his contract was set to expire, he let it lapse out and left.

He is a man of commitment, if he says he's going to do something, come hell or high water he's going to make it happen. He's bullheaded in this regard. Grand Master Ryudo's Resonator, Saina has said that if he decided to destroy the world tomorrow, he'd make it happen despite what an awful idea it would be.

Despite hating the structure of the current protective body of the world, he would not wish it be undone, as in a similar vein he hates lawlessness. The easiest way to get your teeth removed in front of him is simply commit a crime, especially if you're directly involving civilians.

It was for these qualities: his strength and determined justice that led to him being granted the title Grand Master after defeating one of the previous Grand Masters.

Becoming a Grand Master was probably the only job in the world he would ever be content with. He's in a position of power with no over-head to deal with. He's just allowed to be powerful and intervene with conflicts that he deems unjust.

However, due to a certain incident with his main Resonator Mandalynn, he took on the additional role of her manager. In his managerial duties he's a tyrant, not to Mandalynn, but to anyone approaching them with potential gigs. He is not above yelling at perspective clients who offer less than he feels Mandalynn's time is worth. One might think this would be a terrible way to run a business, but having the prestige of having a Grand Master's resonator perform at one's venue is worth the risk.

Speaking of Mandalynn, that is another part of his life that displays contrast. Mandalynn is overly trusting and generally open to embracing all kinds of people from all walks of life, where Sergio is very distrusting of any new presence that appears before them. Mandalynn is quick to scold him for this behavior, and she's the only person in the world who can get away with this. Some devoted fans believe this is because he secretly has feelings for her. However, the official statement from the man himself is: "It was on Mandalynn's hard work that I got to the position I've reached today. I would be a fool not to respect her opinions and advice." 

Misc Facts

  • Despite what one might think of him, he can play the piano quite well. 
    • Often, when alone with Mandy, he'll play for her while she ad-libs a song for him depending on the mood
  • His standard wear outfit while on guard duty hides specially crafted body armor that absorbs rhythm based attacks. 
    • In combination with the martial arts he learned while he was part of the military, he can be highly effective at taking out unsuspecting combatants without having to rely on his own resonator
  • Mandalynn's nickname for him is "Gio" and she's the only one allowed to call him that.
    • In public, he will address Mandalynn by her full name, (or her stage name "Eclipse" depending on the situation) while in private he drops down to the more informal "Mandy"


Element: Lightning
Attribute: Slashing
Resonant Bonus: Can restore health and rhythm from any source of electricity

Unlocked Spells (As of Ragazza Volpe Magica)

Corrente Elettrica - (Pianissimo, Piano, Forte, Fortissimo)
Tuono Assordante - (Pianissimo, Piano, Forte, Fortissimo)
Pasticcio - (Accelerando or Rallentando)
Aria Carica - (Presto, Allegro, Moderato, Adagio, Lento)
Fulmine a Catena - (Pianissimo, Piano, Forte, Fortissimo)
Nube-Terra Fulmini - (Pianissimo, Piano, Forte, Fortissimo)
Rianima il Bullone - (Presto, Allegro, Moderato, Adagio, Lento)
Bacino Statica
Carica Traboccante - (Presto, Allegro, Moderato, Adagio, Lento)

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