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ISRAEL VAZQUEZ| |                                                                                
Age: 29 years old
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 140 lbs
Orientation: Pansexual, Demiromantic
BACKGROUND| |                                                                                
Israel was born into a low-income area, to a family that struggled long before he was in the picture. His mother, a cocaine addict, died not long after he was born, leaving him in the care of an abusive father and four older siblings that wanted as little to do with the contentious home as possible. By the time Israel was a preteen, all of his siblings were already involved in gang activity, and his oldest brother, Angel, was establishing a gang of his own--the Blood Angels. Israel, too, began to spend less time at home and more time on the streets, avoiding the wrath of his father and trying to survive in a warzone. He adapted to the lifestyle, and before too long was making a name for himself.


When he was sixteen, Israel murdered his father in cold blood as payback for a childhood of mistreatment. He was arrested and tried as an adult, but escaped prison after three months in. By that point, all of his siblings were in prison as well, and it seemed the opportune time to take over the city that had persecuted him for so long. What better way to protect himself than to control it all? He started a gang of his own, Cadejo, absorbing a large portion of the Blood Angels and recruiting loyal members of his own along the way. Before too long, Cadejo was wide spread, dominating the underground and overwhelming local authorities.

By his early twenties, Israel was a monster of folklore. Everyone knew his name, as the leader of Cadejo, as the Black Dog, and he was untouchable. But over time he began to unravel, with a broken psyche and a decade-long drug problem. Paranoia drove him to establishing several 'homes' that he traveled between, all under fake names, and he never let anyone, not even his own men, enter his space. He was a powder keg--erupting out of nowhere to the point that even his own people began to question his stability. Was he really fit to lead? Worse yet, it seems Angel is out of prison...and big brother wants his city back.


PERSONALITY| |                                                                                 
Israel has the unpredictability of a tornado and the force of one, too. He's confrontational, aggressive, short-tempered, and paranoid; often switching between chilling calm and explosive rage at the drop of a hat. His volatile nature leads others to be careful around him, never wanting to set him off, or instigate his comfort with murder. He has been known to kill his own men for crimes as petty as stepping too close to him, or looking at him the wrong way. All in all, he is a devastatingly troubled man--the result of an abusive upbringing and years of drug use--leaving him a disjointed mess.

That being said, he is not incapable. In fact, many are often surprised by his ability to think quickly, even intelligently, when it comes to manners of business. He is, in ways, actually quite clever, and has the knowledge necessary not only to maintain his gang, or to run several businesses, but to protect himself and remain in control.

He drinks profusely, sleeps around constantly, and has explored every narcotic known to man. He is, quite simply, an addict.

TRIVIA FACTS| |                                                                                

  • Fluent in English and Spanish--has a tendency to mix the two during conversation.
  • Never graduated high school; didn't even finish the 9th grade.
  • Owns four clubs that function as covers for his drug and sex trade--RUCKUS, Wet Dog, OmegA, and Spiral--all run under false identities (and by people in his pocket).
  • Physically, he is incredibly unhealthy and has several health issues as a result. He has OD'd more than once, is prone to seizures (more recently), barely sleeps, and experiences heart palpatations. He's also underweight, moreso due to drug use than poor diet.