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Basic Info








4'0 (121 cm)

Hair Color

Dark Grey

Eye Color

Light Blue


Neutral Good


She is a small and amateur blade-wielder who will do anything to protect herself and her friends. Although not very skilled, she has the ability to hurt others if she needs to, but so far she’s only killed animals for food, with a promise to herself to never kill a person. This led her to become somewhat cowardly when facing a battle, knowing that the power she possess can be potentially harmful to others and herself. Because of her small size, she can be easily vulnerable to anything that exceeds her agility.

Ako comes from a wolf kemonomimi clan, known for their small, child-like appearance, with its members no taller than a preteen human. Along with her older but shorter brother Kae, her taller appearance makes her look more mature and wiser than Kae (although that is not the case, Kae is much more mature than Ako). Each person has different growth spurts in the clan, with Ako being considered one of the tallest in the clan for her age. She is often mistaken as the older sibling, but both of them got used to that misconception. Despite that, she looks up to Kae like any other younger sibling would, as he taught her how to properly wield her blade and use the power it holds. She is still growing, so she has a lot to learn from her brother, the world, and most importantly herself.

 Ako may give you a mean poker-face when you first meet her, but once you stick around with her she becomes an extroverted, happy, and goofy kid. She likes to joke and play around, and sometimes she can get a little rough if you can tolerate it. Sometimes she feels like a burden to other people, so she often talks to herself and plays around alone. Once you get to know her more, she may randomly give you a small box with a baked treat she made as a token of friendship. She loves baking treats for other people, and her ultimate dream is to one day own a bakery in a city to share her treats to everyone. But she is nowhere near achieving her dream, as she is forced to serve the duty of her clan as a potential warrior. 

Ako has light blue eyes, short and curlishly spiky grey hair, dark grey ears and tail, and a dark floral tattoo on her forehead (the symbol of her clan). She prefers to wear fluffy clothes and anything with the color black, purple, or pink.

Her design is heavily inspired by my customized character from the online game Blade & Soul.