Meaningrevealing - discoverer
Age / DoB8 Years / Jul. 20th
PronounsHe / Him
SexualityHeterosexual (Straight)
SpeciesArethusae Halifaxia
Height6' 6"


Personality & Outlook

Kaashif can be vain. He cares pretty highly about his appearance avoiding dirt and grim to the best of his abilities.

He is a gentle giant, never one to harm others on purpose. Kaashif walks slowly and carefully when around smaller creatures avoiding to step on them with his large paws. Rarely, if ever, does he act with violence unless threatened.

Kaashif has a fatherly manner about him. He cares for those younger then him with kindness. Trying his best to protect others and give advice from his own life experience.

Finally, Kaashif is dominating. He likes to be in charge and his size and appearance have certainly made that easy for him. He can be a bit bossy with how others should follow his rules.

Powers & Assets

Kaashif has no obvious powers or abilities.



A creature of lion and dragon combined. He has long horns, Fin "ears" and scaled tail while sporting a partial mane and leg feathering. His fur is silky smooth and long. He cares for his appearance with love making sure to always appear his best.

He doesn't put anything into his fur to avoid tangling the long strands.

In his den he keeps fresh grass and leaves onto a far left corner where he uses them to make a makeshift bed. Sometimes he will add feathers he finds to the mix of bedding to make in softer. He loves white and blue feathers the most.


Kaashif's original design created by rhoadienom

Arethusae Halifaxia species created and owned by rhoadienom

Kaashif is the max height of his species.

Q & A

Q: Can I draw Kaashif?
A: Yes I appreciate all the art I get.

Q: Can I make a Arethusae Halifaxia?
A: I think Arethusae Halifaxias are a CLOSED species and only open through Rhoadie. If you are interested in your own please be patient and I will update this question with a link to the species information.

Artist Notes

  • Pointed gazelle like horns.
  • Fins instead of ears. Has NO ears
  • Large nostrils
  • Raptor like claws on inner back toe
  • Over bite