Ignis Curre



1 year, 11 months ago



  • Tiefling
  • 33 years old
  • Nonbinary Man, He/Him, They/them, but primarily he/him
  • Gay
  • Cleric of Eldath as well as a gunslinger
  • 5'8" twig
  • Lawful Neutral
  • Raspberry skin with darker, nearly black, raspberry hair with some streaks of lighter mixed in
  • Ram style horns covered in bracelets and necklaces
  • Fully yellow eyes, no pupil, square glasses
  • Long half spade tail
Typical Clothing
  • Navy Blue Cloak of Many Thing
  • Yellow rubber rain coat
  • Yellow rubber rain boots
  • Large waterfall tattoo that acts as his holy symbol, runs from his left peck down to his mid thigh, two fish on each side of the waterfall
  • Lavender sacred lotus centered under his ribs on his right
  • Family crest on his right shoulder blade
  • Village crest on his left shoulder blade
  • Fishing rod tattoo that goes from his right index finger and, when positioned right, continues to his middle finger ending in a fish caught on the line
  • Coin :)
  • Possum who is very, very small, can fit in one hand, has been this size for years
  • Sits in a custom armored coin purse when not out, hence her name Coin
  • Essentially a baby monitor for Ignis' patron god
  • Tired 24/7
  • Depressed Loner to those he doesn't know, depressed friend to those he does know
  • Will take care of people who he cares about
  • Can crack a joke at unexpected times
  • "Don't make me waste this 300g diamond on your ass. I will but I don't want to."
  • Has problems with alcoholism
  • HATES horses, will not get on a cart without being nearly blackout drunk, and will not get on a horse itself at all


Ignis grew up in a northern fishing village called Slut. He worked for his parents' butcher shop helping clean and sell fish. After both his parent died when he was young, Ignis went to live in a monastery of Eldath on a river bank. There he strengthened his preexisting relationship with Eldath. After staying with the monastery for nearly a decade, he joined the Jorennian military. After working on the "capital P" Project regarding mechanical firearms for several years, Ignis left the military. While wondering the world on his own, he found Coin and instantly grew very fond of her. Nearly a year after leaving the military, Ignis came across a half elf bard named Barnaby Lafbringer. The two very, very quickly fell in love and travelled together from then on. Eventually, the two split up, leaving Ignis alone once more. A little more than a year before the current time in the campaign, Ignis came across Aisley Turk, and the two travelled together taking odd jobs for half a year. Then they ran into the rest of what is now team silver linings.