North Star






Nickname/s: North
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: Starship commander
Orientation: pan/aro
Height/Weight: tba
Voice claim: X
Setting: original, post-apo, dystopian, future


  • Himself
  • Being the center of attention
  • Feeling he's the one in charge
  • Space, stars
  • Praise, compliments
  • Fancy, expensive lifestyle


  • People who don't like him
  • Getting ignored
  • Having to explain himself or his actions
  • Failure
  • Small, enclosed spaces
  • Not getting what he wants




-Born in a society led by dictatorship
-Father was a neurosurgeon
-When he was a teenager, his father was accused of murdering the leader's only son during a surgery (North suspects he was framed)
-His whole family was sentenced for life without a proper trial, but North managed to escape
-Devastated and scared in the "outside world", North lost himself in the world of drugs, murder and vices to drown his sorrows
-During a gang shootout North got shot in the head, but like a miracle he survived it
-In his drug-fogged mind North took this as a sign he's a divine being, sent to Earth to punish the wrong-doers... Or more like the people who he doesn't like
-Starts wearing fake wings as a symbol of his "divinity"
-Makes his way back to his old home city, and kills the leader (and pretty much everyone else....)
-Travels the world far and wide, ending up in a more high tech country with space travel and a star fleet
-Being power hungry as he is, he joins their military and manipulates, lies, and cheats his way to the high ranks, becoming a commander of a starship


  • selfish, proud, egotistical
  • rude, power-hungry, corrupt
  • obsessive, possessive, bossy
  • dishonest, deceitful
  • cruel, sadistic
  • impulsive, daredevil
  • adventurous, curious
  • needy, greedy
  • charismatic, manipulative
  • hypersexual, flirty
  • ridiculously lucky


  • Pale skin with freckles all over
  • light red eyes
  • + shaped scar on his right cheek
  • a shot wound on his forehead, covered by his fringe
  • white hair
  • wears dark colored clothing (feel free to design him outfits!)
  • almost always wears fake wings (can be drawn with real wings as well)


  • North is very claustrophobic
  • He has a weird, slightly sexual fascination of AI and androids
  • Whilst North's "canon" universe is original, he can be RPd in pretty much any slightly similar fandom/verse
  • North is a co-owned character created, written, and designed together with a friend of mine. She doesn't use social media (Staly why) so I can't credit her with a link ;n;