1 year, 7 months ago


"What’s up gamers, MONO-9000 here! Coming to you live from the scene  of the Killing School Orbit… or at least that’s what it WOULD be if  these dumbasses would start killing each other already!"

MONO-9000 😈 killing game mascot 😈 orb (it/he/they) 😈 N/A 😈 "star signs are for CHUMPS"

MONO-9000 is the lovely host of the Killing School Orbit! This orb can float, it can spin, it can hurl insults, and it can psychologically torture as many as sixteen high school students into murdering each other on a space station! A regular jack-of-all-trades, this guy.

Likes: Verbally spelling out texting abbreviations, watching teenagers die

Dislikes: Cease-and-desist letters, watching teenagers NOT die c'mon humans it doesn't have all day!!!


  • I don't really have any pictures of what it looks like from the back but it's basically the same as the front but without the eyes!
  • Most of the time it just uses its main two arms (4 joints and 3  sharp claws each,) but it can grow a second pair of arms from the bottom two panels on its chassis if it needs to look extra scary.
  • Do NOT ship MONO-9000 with any of the dreadnought cast-- DO ship MONO-9000 with Bender from Futurama