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【 Name 】 Nyx【 Gender 】 male
【 Age 】150~【 D.o.B. 】 unkown
【 Role 】monster
【 Race 】Kelpie

【 Charisma 】

【 Empathy 】

【 Patience 】

【 Stamina 】

【 Courage 】

【 Integrity 】

【 Perception 】

【 Judgement 】

【 Intelligence 】

【 Humor 】


Nyx is a apperently mute Kelpie living inside a Lake in the deepest pat of a fey infested forest. there are a lot of stories spread in the surrounding towns about him, or the "monster of the Lake" which is how they decided to call him. 

he is kown for charming young man and woman into going closer and closer towards his lake until every hope is lost for them. many tell stories of how he grabs them with inhuman force draging them down with him, drowning them just to eat them later on keeping their skeletons with him for all time.

the stories talk about how keeping a flame close to you will keep the creature from attacking you or even trying to charm you into getting closer. the creature will seem as if it is scared of the fire, watching his prey from a save distance within the waters, but never making an attampte at getting to them.

what most people don't know is that this Kelpie would actually never even get close to a humanoid creature, without having a good reason to do so. it almost seems like it is scared of them.. rather living off of animals and fish then his normal food source of human flesh. but if one of these dirty creatures decides to swim inside his lake... well they decided their own faith.

He knows how to use simple weapons, his favorite are spears, how to set up traps and it seems like he is able to understand Sylvan but no other language. he lost his right arm in an accident as a teenager.

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