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A few disclaimers about these ocs:

- Do not copy, trace, or heavily reference my art or characters. Inspiration is okay but please don't make things too close to my content.

- ***Characters marked with "SPECIAL" tag: Please ask before drawing them.

- The characters marked with "NFA" are NOT for offers whatsoever. I am not keen on trading or selling any chars on this account, check my side account for sales.

- SFW gift art is ok if you want, but please do not draw NSFW or fetish content with my ocs unless I specifically ask you for it.

*** My side account for retired, very minor, fan, closed species, and selling/trading characters can be found over at Zodori !

Regarding characters marked with "Retired": Please ask before drawing a retired character. I do not trade or take offers on retired characters as they could come out of retirement at any time. Just because a character is in retirement does not mean I do not work on them occasionally, or have abandoned them. They are just currently inactive.

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