cant wait to use this!

this has to be one of my favourite codes now
It has everything I ever needed and is so gad damn pretty

hehe thank you so much!!

using! thank you <3

im using this code! thank you so much, its so cute!

tyty im glad it's helpful for you!! :D

plan on using!

Really pretty and simple code, definitely gonna use it! <33

using ♡

Just wondering, how do you make the collapse thing where you press something to change the content? I've noticed that you've used it in a few of your codes and I think it's really cool! I was wondering if I could add it to some of my own codes at some point. 

Planning on using!

Used this on Seren! She wasn't made or designed by me, so I've not got to the level of useless info that I normally have about my OCs, which is why I wanted a smaller, more simple code, and this one was perfect!


Im trying to learn how to use coding on toyhouse so hopefully im able to use this!!💕😭

used on him<3 

might use on others too, i love the code :0 especially bc its so simple, ive been looking for one like this for a while

thank you so much!!! LOVE the way you customised it 💕💕💕

ooo i might use this to replace my current main one at some point.

is this css or html? not really familiar with coding yet


Finally A short simple character code, thank you so much!! Ill be using this for all my characters ww

im glad you like it!! have fun using it <3 <3