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Wassup welcome to my profile!!
Just a few things id like to say

Please do not heavily reference off of my characters or their story, inspiration is fine tho ofc <3
Do not steal/trace/use any of my artwork without permission.
If for some reason you have concerns of any manner, DM me

DNI if you are/make/support:
Zoophilia, Pedophilia, NFTS, Proshipping/proshippers
^ If you are/support any of these, you are NOT welcome here. ^

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 - Warning/Disclaimer -
This character may contain/be depicted with several potentially sensitive subjects, such as:
Blood, Gore, Violence, Traumatic Situations/and or mental struggles.
- - -
All listed topics and potentially unlisted will be properly marked under a filter though, so please proceed with caution if you're sensitive to any of these topics.

Extra bit: This character is NOT feral, he is a Quadrupedal Anthro and is completely sentient/Intelligent! NOT a wild animal.

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