Dapperchan ft. Dapperfish



1 year, 2 months ago

Basic Info

Age ğŸŽ‚


Birthday 📆

16th November

Zodiac ✨


Personality ğŸŽ­

Calm, Strict & Delinquent

Occupation 💼

Whales And Games Project Manager

Likes 💕

Dark Coffee, Baseball & Dapperfish

Dislikes 🗑️

Sunny Days, Tourists & Dapperfish



Dapperchan and Dapperfish are mascots of ours at Whales And Games!

Dapperchan was born in a coastal town and raised at her parent’s gift shop and grew up as a lone child, accustomed to organizing tasks and managing the place. At some point during upbringing, she was gifted Dapperfish, who became both her pet and guinea pig.

Since Whalechan thought that both Dappers were cool, they were invited to work at Whales And Games, and Dapperchan became the newly appointed project manager. Under her role, she is responsible by managing the studio’s workload, keeping the siblings in line, and stopping them from getting distracted.

While string and somewhat mischievous, she can genuinely care for others in her own way (including Dapperfish, whose meme-lord attitude constantly gets on her nerves.)

Growing up with only Dapperfish as a friend, she found entertainment in petty delinquent activities, hitting garbage and playing baseball with her own baseball bat and breaking windows of abandoned houses. She dislikes sunny days and the tourists who plague her town during the good weather, and prefers to go to the beach at night to eat some of her favourite toasties and practising some baseball swings, more often than not using Dapperfish as the ball (he's okay with that).