[F2U] mined's Comments

THIS IS CRAZY ACCURATE im using it tysm!! <3

this is so creative!!!

ahhh thank you!! <3

can you make a version for characters?

i'm working on one!

oh cool!! tysm! :D

If you happen to finish the character version sometime, I'd love to be notified if possible!!

i will!! hoping to get to the character version soon, i just have a whole pile of wips (including this) that i've been switching between for the past few months haha, thank u for the interest!! <3

Please notify me as well for the character version of this. :]

hey uh!! while editing the code for this , in the inventory section , when i insert a code for the link when you click the icon on the profile it doesnt do anything. im not sure if this is a glitch or?

hi!! it is a glitch, im working on it right now! i'll try and reply again when i get it fixed, thank you for letting me know!

it should be fixed now! thanks again for letting me know ^^

great! thanks! ^^