The Ardor god of the celestial bodies - the suns, moons, and stars. Mesechev represents cycles, repetition, motions, immortality, godliness, and the eldritch. He is complimented and contrasted by Navershin, Ardor of mortality and decay.

Often depicted as nervous, uncertain, and somewhat paranoid, these traits were inflicted upon him when the suns and moons spoke (so Ardor myth says). With his conduits of power damaged, Mesechev must be handled carefully and lovingly, and many do not pray to ask things of him because of the damage.


He lived in Chendre, a pre-Maweth theocratic nation on Chellabra - but was ousted during the Unification War, when Mewt Mavet tortured the location of the Flames of Mewrune out of Mesechev. The other Ardor reacted with frustration and anger, and abandoned Mesechev; he fled to the Isle for safety and has remained there ever since, pining after Navershin and wishing the other would contact him again.