Dante's Comments

DANTE is VIRGO’s newest android design . DANTE is based on death metal themes as requested , with a bold red and black color palette and a motif of bones . with two rare traits , one very rare trait , one uncommon trait , and one premium trait , DANTE is an android whose design appeals to the rebellious type !

this adopt is a CLOSED SPECIES ! to own an AW0001 , you must be part of the group . for more information on how to join and what AW0005 are , check out this page or their toyhou.se page !

by offering on any of my designs , owning one of my designs , etc. , you are agreeing to my terms of service . please view my terms of service in full . if you have any questions that are not answered in the terms of service feel free to message me privately . 

this adopt is a NYP ( name your price ) with a minimum of $60USD .

i am NOT accepting art offers or character offers at this time . if you’d like to offer , please do so in the comments ! 24 hours after the most recent offer , i will pick someone . i will be charging via paypal invoice , and in USD only . 

i will send the full res file without watermarks once the offer is complete . :3c

$70 <3