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Name Theodore
Called Theo
Age 8
Gender Male
Height 4'9"
Build Short and frail
Species Ghost
Role Little motherfucker

Description and Personality

Theo is very spontanious and impulsive with just about everything he does. He's rash and rushed head on into anything and everything especially if he thinks he can get something out of it. Being a rampent kleptomaniac, Theo cannot help but to steal things from others when he gets urges to. Theo's grown a quite violent streak in his decades of being deceased, but despite this he is usually harmless. He commonly acts more like a needy toddler hopped up on sugar or a feral animal. He doesn't seem to have a coherent system of morals, and he tends to disreguard rules and laws frequently. Not that he doesn't understand them; he just most likely couldn't care less about them. As long as he gets what he's looking for, he's usually ok. Though this does not mean he isn't vengeful and spiteful because of his past. Most of which, he is not even aware of. Theo's rather only vaguely aware that he's dead. Whenever he attempts to think about how or why he died, he gets TV static and other times it physically hurts him. It torments him not being able to know how he got this way, and over time his appearance became more monsterous due to his harbored spite. In short, he's confused, and angry because he cannot figure out who he is. He loves his dads very much and will do anything to help them feel better when they're down. Though this is much easier said than done. He loves them with all his heart, and although it doesn't seem like it, they help him a lot with his own emotions and thoughts about the world he's trapped on. Theo's become rather needy and dependant on them. Holding their hands whenever when they're in arms reach and demanding their attention all hours when they're awake though they still manage to get their free time when he wanders off to do Theo things.


Bithday Unknown
Alignemnt Chaotic evil
Sign Unknown
Enneagram Type 2 / The Helper
Flower Lilies
Element Shadow



  • Candy
  • His dads
  • Jewlery
  • Being around the people he likes
  • Frilly clothes
  • Holding hands


  • People looking at his face
  • Being told he can't have what he wants
  • Not being listened to
  • Disappointing his dads
  • Himself
  • Being alone


  • Theo is mute and communicates mostly through sign language or nonverbal gestures
  • He hates his face a lot and covers it more often than not. he can and will get violent if someone cracks his pumpkin or sees his face "without his permission".
  • Curiously, whatever "face" he's wearing leaks from where his neck is even if it's completely cleaned out. his pumpkin will leak pumpkin guts and seeds. If he where to wear a trick or treat bucket, he'd leak candy. The substance that leaks is completely dependant on what he's wearing. He also stores stuff he likes inside his pumpkin.
  • He can control how tangeble he is. meaning that, he can touch you, but you can't touch him most of the time.
  • Theo leaves "smudges" on the things that he touches or sits on. The marks are oily black and cannot be washed off though they dissapear on their own within a day or so.
  • He's surprisingly easy to befriend. If you give him a piece of candy, he'll consider you a friend for life.
  • Incredibly kind and sweet to those he considers friends. He'll leave some of his loot at their door step or hold their hands walking through the streets.
  • Actually quite timid around new people. It takes a lot of motivation for him to approach someone without anything about them that interests him.
  • Desperately wants to rest in peace for once and for all, but has literally no idea how to go about it. He's just a kid, and he does not remember his real name or his past life, only that he's now dead. Though he's conflicted about the concept because if he does move on, he'd leave his dads.




Unreasonable Behaviour
Dead End
Hate + Love