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A young angelic violinist whose dream had always been to become an Angel of Music and play for one of Heaven's Holy Orchestras was faced with a continuing struggle to improve. Having advanced enough to reach the intermediate level, Azarael  just couldn’t manage to breach the advanced-level threshold. Right when he was at the point of giving up Azarael was greeted by an anonymous spirit who promised to help him get to that next level. Without truly understanding the spirit’s motives Azarael follows him blindly and begins to progress once again. Together Azarael and the spirit have been steadily breezing through the Angel of Music preliminary competitions one by one, but the real question is whether or not he'll be able to hold his own in the actual Angel of Music tournament. 


"What will you do now, little angel boy?" 

Age: 1,580  (the equivalent of about 15 yrs old)

Gender: Male

Species: Ira Demon | Onyx Rank [?]

Instrument: Viola

Instructor: Self Taught

A young and mischievous viola-playing demon boy who comes from a notorious family of demonic musicians. Aside from enjoying the sounds, Liron likes to use his musical prowess to plague lesser souls.

His viola is cursed by several damned souls and has strange powers. Playing certain songs can control, hypnotize, or even hurt anyone close by enough to hear it. He participates in competitions mainly to crush the dreams of the angelic musicians but he really has no music related ambitions of his own. His favorite thing to do of recent is harass Azarael and tease him for what he calls "mediocre" violin playing.

In the Limbo competitions, Azarael and Liron are viewed as genuine rivals. 


•Mischievous •Destructive •Cheeky •Sadistic •Pompous •Lonesome 

Like any typical demon, Liron strives to provoke sadness and misery in innocent souls. He loves making others suffer so he doesn’t have to stop to think about his own anguish. He pokes and picks until he can find a person’s insecurities and use them to his advantage. He jumps at any opportunity to cause mischief even if it’s only amongst his peers of the same species. Even demons have a certain level of etiquette that they have to abide by when around others who are superior to them. Liron ignores it all. He’s so ridiculously arrogant with unconditional faith in his own abilities and success that he hasn’t even noticed that he’s been outcast by most demons his age. He's angered so many demons it's amazing he hasn't been killed. 


  • Music -- More specifically, sinister sounding arrangements or songs that mimic moans and cries. He's also a fan of upbeat melodies with grim lyrics that he can sing along with. 
  • Blood and tears -- From others. He loves the sounds of weeping and moaning and gnashing teeth. He gets a level of satisfaction out of spilling the blood of others and even his own blood as well. He likes the contrast of the color red.
  • Torturing others with music -- He usually has to settle for damned souls already down in hell but he can force his viola to hit keys that would fry a person's brain or make an angel's ears bleed....even rip out their own eardrums. 
  • Dancing -- It gives him an illusion of freedom and weightlessness. Usually. when he plays the viola he incorporates singing and dance to liven his performance. 


  • Being told what to do -- more so than anything..Liron hates following orders. They make him feel cornered and tied down. Even if those orders are in his best of interest. 
  • Being interrupted in the middle of a song -- Not only does he find it rude but there are some demonic arrangements that have terrible repercussions if they're not played constantly from start to finish.
  • Being ignored -- It has the ability to make him feel less than nothing. As a demon who's usually overconfident.....this is most unhealthy and unpleasant.
  • Losing to Azarael -- He thinks so little of his playing ability that he'd rather lose to any other angel. 


  • When it comes to music he's got a lot of raw talent.
  • The type of music he plays has got him very up to par in dealing with dark magic.
  • His viola doubles as a very effective weapon.
  • He's very good at hiding his true feelings.
  • He can get some type of enjoyment out of any bad situation. Even if he's the only one suffering. 


  • He has mentally isolated himself from the world around him. Even though he interacts with others regularly, in his mind everything is a game and nothing is truly real. Whenever that illusion fades out...he breaks down. 
  • He's afraid of being completely alone. 
  • Even with all his pride, he's quick to envy.
  • He has a very distracting temper. 
  • Aside from his musical talent, he really has nothing to offer Hell.