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Basic Info

Real Name









She/her or They/them


mostly into men but who knows


Human, divine avatar




Felony is blunt, ruthless, and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. She loves to be the center of attention, and wants people to adore her, though she really does very little to earn the latter. She doesn't actually take herself as seriously as one might expect; she has a theatrical sense of humour and loves to entertain.

She does harbor a softer side, though she's done her best to repress this part of herself as she views it as a weakness.

Under all her glitz and bravado she's much more vulnerable than she likes to think, so she'll push away anyone who tries to get past this facade. This has left her with very few true friends, and despite what she'll tell you, she's really rather lonely.

She is a bit of a sore loser and prone to petulance. But if you can get past her prickly demenour she has a surprisingly sharp wit and is a fun kind of person to have around??

Powers & Abilities

Felony has devoted her life to studying and practicing magic, and it's payed off.
She is an astoundingly powerful mage, strong enough to manipulate the very fabric of the universe itself. As such, she is one of the few humans who can create pathways from the underworld to the mortal word -- It's a really big deal!
There are lucrative resources in hell that only people like her can access, which she can sell for huge $$$
Also she can summon demons or other entities from that dimension -- though whether or not they want to agree with her is an entirely different story.
Felony is also extremely skilled in electricity-based magic, as well as holy magic. She dabbles in other forms of magic, including alchemy, though her talents lie in dimensional, electric and holy magics.

Her unwavering devoted study, combined with her natural gifts make her arcane prowess virtually unmatched among modern humans.
Her aura is powerful enough to actually stop bullets. It's hard to overstate just how ridiculously overpowered she is... for a human, at least.

Her  astronomical arcane potential is due to the fact she's a human avatar of an actual deity -- In her case, Azra, the goddess of Death. Gods sometimes send parts of their essence to take on human form, in order to better understand humanity. Felony has no conscious link to divinity, despite this gift; she doesn't actually know she's a divine avatar, though she does suspect such.
Aside from her natural strength and gift with holy magic, being an avatar of Azra has little impact on the rest of Felony's life, and is pretty much nowhere near as exciting as it sounds.

Other Skills
Felony is a skilled musician & can play several instruments very well, including the flute, guitar and piano... or at least she could before her accident. She was also ambidextrous, though the limited dexterity in her new left hand makes that mean little now, too.

Appearance & Presentation

First impressions are everything, and Felony wants to ensure hers is always incredibly striking. She's the sort of person who'd do a supermarket run in elaborate makeup, and would never leave the house while not wearing something she deems to be haute couture if she could avoid it. Luckily for her, her unique & highly demanded skills mean she's well-funded enough to indulge her blisteringly expensive and often outlandish tastes.Her glitzy outfits are all bespoke, and mimic ashfiend fashion trends rather than human ones.

You'll only ever catch her in reasonable clothes while in the comfort of her own home -- though even then she has to have some clothing modified to fit her spiny arm.
Generally her outfits are garishly colourful, and employ crisp geometric silhouettes. She thinks personal style is very important, and doesn't really care if people find her appearance to be ridiculous so long as they're captivated by it in some way.

The left side of her body was terribly burned in a magical accident, to the point she lost most of her left arm. Instead of getting a prosthesis she tried to transmute herself a new arm but it didn't go so well -- this demonic new appendage is mostly numb and is very hard to maneuver. Though it did stop phantom pain from bothering her, and it is a lot more sturdy than a fleshy human arm.
The hair on the left side of her head is also transmuted -- she was going for normal hair but the best she could do was this spiky, white nonsense; each strand of this "hair" is thick as a piece of florist's wire, and wants to hold its spiky shape no matter what she does with it.




  • Felony absolutely adores classic Operas. She has been known to "perform" incredibly mediocre renditions of her favorites in the shower.
    • She also enjoys musicals in general
  • She's not on good terms with her parents, who didn't take kindly to her being queer (they just thought their son was gay and were willing to begrudgingly put up with that-- nope, surprise, she's trans. That was the last straw; they pretty much took that as an excuse to cut ties with her :s )
  • Grew up in the shadow of her sporty & loveable brother Daisuke, who her parents favored heavily.
  • Standing at only 5'1", Felony is rarely seen without some kind of heel or at the very least a thick-soled boot.
    • Her short stature is partially just unlucky generics, partially because she was pretty sickly as a child and it affected her growth.
  • You might notice design parallels between her and Xaanik -- this is partially because they're aspects of the same deity, and partially because Felony had Xaanik's usual outfit made for him by her own tailor. And partially because I have no creativity.
  • I need to re-design her tattoos, but they were all done by Crispin, in a special magical ink that helps to conduct and direct her vast magic.
  • Her casting style is... a little unusual; it usually involves performing very specific dances, with her many tattoos bared.
  • was a theater kid
  • 6 coffees a day
  • drinks too much. her guilty pleasure is the cheapest shittiest goon money can buy and she drinks it by the boxful
  • Her favored style of fashion looks like it was conceived by Alexander McQueen during a harrowing fever-dream and constructed with a lathe and a pile of decorative wall hangings. The result is tacky as fuck and she loves it
  • She's actually a very old character of mine & has gone through many different iterations
  • She's quite cold and regal in her demeanor
  • If she thinks someone's making a personal attack on her she'll get very defensive. And by defensive I mean ruthlessly ruthlessly mean. And by personal attack I mean nay kind of critique at all.
  • Felony likes to pretend she's hardcore and doesn't need anyone ever but really she resents how lonely and unlikable she is and hasn't really gotten over the fact she was never "good enough" for anyone :s this is part of the reason she drinks so much
  • Her parents immigrated from Japan to Australia shortly after she was born.
  • Felony speaks fluent Japanese and English, as well as very good Saakh-Dargho (the demonic lingua franca), and passable Riin & Rei variants of Eisul (the languages spoken by ashfeind and divines respectively)
  • Felony isn't her real name but I'm not changing it because I'm too Edgy
more to come!