Ryn's Comments

OH THIS GUY FUCKING RULES SO HARD AND SO MUCH. i'm a sucker for characters with big personalities who are secretly suffering, also known as The Sad Clown and am i saying that just because i love referring to this guy as a sad clown. the answer is yes

you have this knack for like, introducing certain traits and setting up expectations for how the character will act, and then slapping the reader in the face with a total 180 that makes the character so much more enthralling. he's a charismatic guy with a huge personality who takes a lot of risks, but that's because his life is going to be cut short and he knows it. terrified of actual human connection? same, man. 

he's just got a lot of little things that interact with each other in really interesting ways, and his childhood has a really unique flavor to it that adds a lot to how his character acts in the present day.

i think everyone can find something to relate to in this crazy guy and i love it. he's tragic and hilarious and i need more of him in my life

as someone who's had an extremely shitty family and also deals with chronic pain i *clenches fist and cries* would die for ryn in an instant

oh I'm so sorry to hear :( it's always kinda heartbreaking when someone relates to him in a really real way like this -- but ryn appreciates the solidarity a lot ! ;o;

hnnng i love this sad boy so much ;A; his backstory broke my heart.  Poor boy just got plopped into a life he had no control of and the people who should have known better really just....

Look at it. You took a perfectly good child and now look at it, its all fucked up--

But seriously, i'm so proud he's finally working on himself even though his life expectancy is a constantly ticking clock (just another thing he cant control).  I really hope this boy finds some peace ;-; 

Ahhahaha thank you so much for the lovely comment <3 I'm so glad u like my mess boy

I hope he end up ok too! He might. I won't make it easy for him, but he might :^)