Ryn's Comments

as someone who's had an extremely shitty family and also deals with chronic pain i *clenches fist and cries* would die for ryn in an instant

oh I'm so sorry to hear :( it's always kinda heartbreaking when someone relates to him in a really real way like this -- but ryn appreciates the solidarity a lot ! ;o;

hnnng i love this sad boy so much ;A; his backstory broke my heart.  Poor boy just got plopped into a life he had no control of and the people who should have known better really just....

Look at it. You took a perfectly good child and now look at it, its all fucked up--

But seriously, i'm so proud he's finally working on himself even though his life expectancy is a constantly ticking clock (just another thing he cant control).  I really hope this boy finds some peace ;-; 

Ahhahaha thank you so much for the lovely comment <3 I'm so glad u like my mess boy

I hope he end up ok too! He might. I won't make it easy for him, but he might :^)