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DO NOT view my content if you are easily triggered. My art and characters tend to flirt with the dark side and I am very up front about that. Many themes present in my art and characters may be disturbing or offensive. Note that I DO NOT condone my characters actions or encourage them. I express my interest in true crime, war, and gore through my art and oc's, if you do not like this then you are more then welcome to block me.


My characters and their art consist of the following themes, please don’t view them if you’re sensitive to these topics:

-Nsfw art


-Gang/mob activity


-War and war related themes

-Religious themes



-Stockholm syndrome



- Message me any time

- Offer on my designs

- Add my characters to dreamie lists

- Take inspiration from my characters


- DM me to talk shit about somebody I barely know

- Harass me over a character

- DM to start shit

-Steal/trace my characters or art

-Copy my characters

NOTE: I use slurs I can reclaim. I don't use them regularly, especially in conversation with strangers or acquaintances, but don't be surprised if you see a shitpost with the F slur.

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