The months except I personified them

What happens if one were to create a Calendar group? 12 people who were born in each of the 12 months. That's silly. But let's do it anyway.

A reboot of a story I created in 2015 yay

adult more art cherrywood series bridgeport months mangonia series dyuria story mangonia new leaf lemon villa series leaf mayors lemon villa the squad bananama town crybaby twin oc orangeade valley a twin mush sweet child of mine main 4 peachiday the best background characters appleton i love amazing mush 4 peartree lane mafia spark sps NW egg lycheen cherrywood disasterables not part of the sps dyuria left out squad sasse soft boi castell Leaf vetehi blessed didnt deserve this bless him BEST a good girl pure a blessing i love her closed species dave event mineral cove New Leaf merfolk love family lawson royalty Wow alliteration good a worm hes an earthworm sparkly shes pink she also appears in every series im love look at those stunning hands I LOVE IT ghost big hair dont care sweetheart didnt deserve this slander BREAD BOY SWEET CHILD OF MINE the man the myth and the legend not a scary clown looks are decieving bless her but shes dead rude MJs House of Clones cinnamon roll looks are very deceiving wow tall strong boi edge hes soft my first old oc bridgeport college long live the queen sassy boi best A BIG BOY WORM idk what to tag thats it Everything very religion based I LOVE i cant properly illustrate how pretty shes meant WHAT A STYLE ICON octopus what a name antagonist immortal peachiday series tips hat lycheen series orangeade valley series but very misguided my sweetheart the MAN DIDNT DESERVE THIS sumware just has weird hobbies ACTUAL SWEETIE MY FAV THE MAN THE MYTH AND THE LEGEND FUCKING CAROLINE binch BEST LITTLE CHILD smol college boi college girl BOI artsy a Soft boi questionable story fan chara HER sort of go on erika good girl so cute Shes in every series magdalism eri is the best HIS HAT LMAO ITS LOPSIDED SHE IS GREAT eggsona couple oc a literal camera rat gang monster squad appleton series milady blue poor girl he didnt deserve this im sorry sweet best mother wonderful person My favourite sonic oc bless his heart SWIRLY BOI MY SWEETHEART I HATE HER i dont like so blessed didnt deserve the angst sinnamon roll what a lad kablamo an actual sweetheart best girl an au for my au red hair dont care tall boy nerd good boy bless luna love her a good friend her mothers kinda weird but shes also blessed ITS BARELY ON also kinda sad tentacliboi sps series peartree lane series sleepyhead bananama town series i love her so much oops sorry my son death tw best boi city girl bless her spirit sporty boi Another sweetheart actually the best SHE RUINS EVERYTHING great girl theyre a pair looks are deceiving smart SORRY I did so many bad things to him im sorry my fave last onwards