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I main Junkrat, Mei, and Lucio! I'm working on Dva. I wanna have Roadie and Mercy as secondary mains

And I really like Baptiste as a character. Not sure if I'll like his playstyle as much yet, so I'll haveta wait til he's released publicly

Oh cool! I main Mei, D.Va and Soldier! McCree is like my secondary main and Mercy too
Baptiste seems cool tbh but I haven't looked into his character much yet. He's a big improvement from Hammond anyway lmaooo

Do you have any tips for Dva? Especially for her ult? Or tips for Soldier?

For D.Va I wait until I get into a pack of players (if that makes sense) to use her ult ^^ If I use it in a crowded area, the more likely it'll get at least someone haha
That's my only tip sifsghsjjhf I'm not a very good Overwatch player

That actually gave me an idea. Teaming up with a Mei and blocking off an exit, especially if it's the only one, and ulting as dva. That sounds like it'd be fun to do

I'm not very good either T_T I've only been playing for about 5 months now

OOo yes that sounds like a nice plan! ^^
oh yikes I've been playing for almost two years and yet here we are oops :0

Aaa tysm for the sub :'0c <3

Of course! Your characters are really interesting! ^^

I'm so glad to know ;w; also ty for the comment on the compliment thread! I really appreciate it ❤

thanks for the sub :>

You're welcome! :D

Thank you for the subscription! :D

You're welcome :D

Thanks for the favourite on Suzuki, it's really appreciated.

Of course! You're welcome ^^

my brain thought your icon was genji am i right or wrong

🗡️ I guess I’ll be Genji 🐱‍👤

😏 I’m already Genji 👤


though jokes aside i’d play overwatch if I had the game lmao-

It's fun sometimes tbh. I mean, I'm not good at the game at all and I play against AI easy mode but the characters are great lmao

Aaaa I can't believe I forgot to thank you for the mention in the compliment thread ;v; So yeah, thanks a lot ftyghrgv- It's also a funny surprise to see how often Celes and I are mentioned together (as other already said before me lmaoo) :")

Haha you're welcome, it's no problem! ♥♥

Thank you so much for your comment in the compliment thread! :') It means so much to me to hear that you find my kids engaging, and I love your characters, too!!

(and it's always a lovely surprise when my crewmate and I are mentioned together; that kind of made my morning, haha)

Awww yesss you're so welcome!! :D I'm really glad you like my characters too! ♡

Thank you for the compliment thread shoutout! I honestly never expect it when people remember me/my work enough to ping me on threads like that and I'm extremely honoured.

(It's also funny to me how hej and I have been mentioned in conjunction compliment-wise more than once, I wonder if people know how far back we go)

Aaa you're so welcome, it's no bother! ;;♥♥

(haha I think it's because you two are really well known around this community and I guess people tend to associate you two with each other lol ^^)

Aahh thank you so much for the nice comment in the compliment thread ;_; <3
It honestly moved me beyond words & really warms my heart to know people like the demo, I got so motivated by it I actually worked on Sinfonia for Hours this morning as a result haha

OMG I'm honoured ;;; I'm really happy for that omg! But aaa you're welcome,I just really like Sinfonia lol ♡♡♡♡

AAaaaaa thank you so much for your kind words in the compliments thread ;-;

Aaaa you're so welcome it's no problem! ♡

My icon is a commission i got of my blind lace! It's by piffi-sisters on DA--

OOO its very pretty!

Aaaaah, thank you so much for the mention ;-;

Ah, it's no problem! ♥ You have some really good characters ! :D

Thanks for the subscription! It really made me happy to see it <3

Also gave you a subscription too cause your characters are seriously really good man

Aaa thank you so much! That means a lot to me yo thank you!! ♥♥♥

No prob! I really look forward to what you do with them ^^

T-Thank you for the lovely story and the favorite!

No problem!! ♡

Thanks so much for the faves~ <3

No problem! ♡

no problem ! ♥

Thanks for the fav! :^)

No problem! ♡

You are the most beautiful person i luv u