Severa Rune Anemone



10 months, 10 days ago

Basic Info

Name Pronunciation

[ sev - air - uh ] [ ann - e - moan ]




Mare (Female)


Holsteiner X Morgan X Quarter Horse X Paso Fino



Coat Color

Blue Roan

Eye Color

White (Milky & Without Pupils)


Roan, Primitive Leg Barring

Personality Attributes

Paranoid, Split, Cranky, Chaotic, Negative, Unsound, Manipulative, Sneaky, Treacherous


Severa is a woman of many, many things. Her mind has surpassed so many levels of sanity. This soul is dangerous, manipulative, sneaky, seductive, clingy, aggressive and even disgusting. But this soul is capable of things it had been forever believed to be incapable of, both good and bad. Testing the waters between neutral and evil, playing two parts in one role. Proceed with caution. One may never know how she will betray you or ‘love’ you.

It always starts out so simple but for some it becomes very difficult, very quickly. Your childhood births you. It is your right of passage into your mind. It’s a growth unlike any other. Severa’s unfortunately, was a severe neglect case. One of the most loving and bright mothers of all time was capable of disowning and punishing one of her own. A turning point in her mother's life and a point of direction for hers. She grew up with interests in forbidden arts, the dark witchcraft that drew her in so deeply she could not resist. Sacrificial things and the like. She was an interesting young soul to say the least. Just as odd and out of place as her mother made her to be. Except the older she got the worse her mother portrayed her as. Until they all believed Severa was a plague to this world, made of black magic and the next eradication of equine kind. Her own mother then banished her at the age of three to a black and dark portal.

She spent five years inside this empty place. The place with no sound, no air, no food, no water, no light. It was cold and brutal. Numbing yet oddly torcherous. In this time alone she developed two very different personalities. One made up of the better parts of her and another made from the more terrible parts. The witch was literally split in half and continued to slide into a very emotionally unstable place. When the portal gave way, opening and dropping her in the passage of Caeleste she began to wiggle her way back into life. Active life. Developing her more and more into who she is becoming.


  • Paranoid – The slightest inconvenience will send her over the edge. She will think the very worst possible outcome of any situation. Causing her extreme distress and conflict within herself. Which often leads to frustration and aggression. Wicked tongue is whipped with great force, unfair to many. Her jolts of physical violence start to become more often. It takes weeks to settle her out of intense paranoia.

  • Guarded – Emotionally unavailable to the commitment extent. Love is not something she has felt or knows how to feel. Instead she feels possession. Unwilling to share or release them. Like a spider catching a fly. If it tries to escape the spiders grasp the spider will attempt to eat it. She might literally eat you, alive. By manipulation, aggression, treachery, or she might even physically eat you. But she will prove to be a problem to you very quickly. Sometimes though, people are drawn to her web. Fascinated and interested. Those are the ones she really likes, a pleasantry, she takes pride in slowly dismantling you. I do not think she will ever truly love someone enough to be their only. To be the one that would sacrifice themselves for each other. To be the true definition of selfless love. She is far too gone to ever be capable of that.

  • Forward but Hidden – will say anything she desires to you but will never show true feelings towards the occurrence. Instead she will either display herself as angry or bland, lacking any emotion at all. If she is not playing a role, she is reserved to two ways of communicating. So very hard to explain for a very easy reason to understand, because you can’t it is just pure crazy. Sometimes though she can also be real bitchy and snarky, to the point and annoyed. Those are her fairly low days. The ones where she has stopped fighting internal conflicts and just given up so she can rest. If you interact with her in this state you will be tolerated only, there is no fight or care in her at this state. Often a reckless and scary place she comes to everyone once in a while.

  • Split – Struggling with being torn into two very different people. Referring to her other half as a demon whom she has named It. Because of childhood she was led to believe she was the antichrist of sorts. A threat to all mortals and a predator in this world. When it comes to life and speaks with her it is not an actual demon like she thinks, instead it is her. Just the darker her. You can say she struggles with a sense of identity. The constant afflictions with her own self has caused the disease she has to increase significantly, to an unstable and unhealthy mental status.

  • Active – There is always something to achieve, something to prove. The witch needs purpose, goals, something to foresee in the future. She grows bored and wary of life when it moves slow. There always needs to be a game at play. Something to win. Otherwise she fears she is becoming plain and worthless. Always feeling so worthless, useless, unwanted as a child has left scars on her mind. These scars sway her to keep going and that settling is never an option. You can say she is a motivated soul, for anything and everything that crosses her desires or necessities. To prove that she can do anything and that she is not useless or an evil plaguing this world.

  • Manipulative and Sneaky – Her persona has a face of any. Anything she needs to be to fulfill the next journey. She can spin lies as if they were truths, be valuable to some and show kindness to others. Giving what is sought. She can act emotions she does not truly know how to have, let alone understand. If one can sense her, call her out, it is not because they are smart or had a feeling, it is because at some point she grew lazy and bored and had to spice things up a little. That is all.

  • Chaotic – She grows busier by the day. Sometimes caught actually talking to herself. Some even whisper she bleeds a cup of her own blood every night to feed the demon in her when it comes to play. So who will she be tomorrow? Or next year? We do not know. We only know what she is growing to be now. And that is a terrifyingly creepy, crazy witch lost on the mortal plane.