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Nickname(s): Effy

Species: Demi-Human(Wolf)/Resonator

Born: July 15th, 1998AR (Age 21 as of RVM)

Height: 6'4 (193cm)

Weight: 196 lbs (89kg)

Gender: Male

Rhythm Strength:  Willpower

Rhythm Weakness:  Emotion

Element: Solar

Attribute:  Slashing

Maestro: Jorgelina Martinez

First Appearance: Ragazza Volpe Magica Ch. 43

Likes: Money, Sweets, Helping people

Dislikes: Crowds, other people

Efigenios at first appearance seems quite approachable, but in fact, if he doesn't know you it's quite the opposite. He's rough, sarcastic, even biting (not literally though!). It can be said that his appearance has caused him no shortage of trouble in the past, and as a result that has shaped him as a person.

Skeptical to the point of almost paranoia, he's very quick to jump to the defensive. He can be a bit of a mad dog, but rather than fangs and claws he snaps back with sarcasm and snark. He will not censor himself and will let his feelings show easily through his expressions and more prominently his word choice. He's been described as crude or crass.

Because of past experiences, he's quite protective of his friends and loved ones and isn't above snapping at them too if he feels they're making a poor decision. In this way his best pairing would be with someone who is as distrusting as he is. However, he will never attract these type of people due to the harsh persona he puts out, and instead attracts people who will blindly trust strangers, much to his chagrin.

His rough exterior is a shell formed by betrayals in his past. Inside, he's still as soft as he was as a child. He loves the simple things and gets overly excited when he's alone with his loved ones. That being said, even with the ones he absolutely trusts with his life, he is scared of losing them; both in the physical sense and the emotional one. 

Misc Facts

  • He's worked all kinds of odd jobs such as: Construction, security, and even a bit of modeling. He's quite well off as a result of this.
    • He's much stronger than he looks physically, but also maintains his physical appearance meticulously.
      • "Money talks" is something he says when asked about his string of odd jobs

Species Bonus: Candid Sense -Through increased hearing, the resonator has an innate sense of their target's position in battle, increasing the accuracy of their attacks.
Element Bonus: Passive healing in sunlight
Class Skill: [LOCKED]

Spell List (As of Chapter 49)

Luce del Sole 
(Pianissimo, Piano, Forte, Fortissimo)
Basic Solar attack, energy-based attack that deals Solar damage. Increasing rank increases damage.

Flusso del Vento
(Pianissimo, Piano, Forte, Fortissimo)
Basic Wind attack, creates hard wind energy that strikes the target.

Guardando il Sole 
(Presto, Allegro, Moderato, Adagio, Lento)
Basic solar spell. Creates a ball of blindingly bright light. Increasing ranks increases the duration of the light and distance reached. May inflict temporary blindness.

Protuberanza solare 
(Pianissimo, Piano, Forte, Fortissimo)
Advanced Solar attack, energy-based attack that deals solar damage. Chance of inflicting temporary blindness. Increasing rank increases damage and chance for blindness

Raffica Discendente
(Presto, Allegro, Moderato, Adagio, Lento)
Advanced Wind spell. Creates a strong wind of descending air that crushes the target to the ground.

Vortice di Vento
(Pianissimo, Piano, Forte, Fortissimo)
Advanced Wind spell. Creates a tornado that hones in on target. Increasing ranks increases wind speed and duration of spell.

Chiaro cielo mattutino
Advanced Solar spell. Clears any sky based effects and grants a bonus to any solar spells cast for a small period. Can be used at night as well.

La fine di una stella 
Ultimate level solar spell. Upon first cast, it deals catastrophic solar damage. As a side effect of the massive output this ALWAYS kills the maestro, literally burning away their soul and body. Should the resonator cast it a second time with a different maestro, the resonator instead perishes and becomes a black hole of rhythm. When enough rhythm gathered, an explosion is generated on a massive scale.