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My Rules, Fandoms, Prompts, ect.


Sun Wu Fang (Or as her secret identity, Yin)

What I'm looking for;

- Character can be male or female. Can be human or non-human. Semi-dominant char's willing to switch it up.

(Fang is into someone who's headstrong and capable of taking the lead,  but also has a lil bit of a soft side to those they trust. Optimistic.  Funny. Bold. She likes those that are really strong, but are also  humble. Someone who can handle both her and her fiery spirit, and isn't  afraid to get down and dirty on the battlefield or in bed.)

- 1-2 paragraphs at most. My starters are always long, don't worry.
- Reasonable response time (once a day / week at least)
- I prefer Discord but if you can't that's fine. It's optional.
- No godmods, overpowered characters, I'm looking for a 50/50 mutual obligation.
- Do not control my character's, leave enough room in your post for my character to react.

-  I tend to try and reply at least once a week if I get super busy,  if  you're gone for a week and I'm still interested I will msg you. If  I'm  no longer interested in the rp I will tell you. I'm very  straightforward  so please don't take it personally if I say I don't  want to continue.  It's not you per-say more so than it's just my  interest shifting again.

(Should smut be involved later on)
- Chemistry, Romance, Angst, Drama
- Doesn't have to be canon, could be a one-night stand.
- No weird fetishes (mutual's only)[The most I'll end up offering is a little bit of Bondage / Biting]
- Please have a reasonable amount of experience with smut rp. If you need tips, I've got some!

Location and Grounding

(If you're aware of the show Lego Monkie Kid then be aware she's based  heavily off of that. You don't HAVE to know of the show to rp however.  As a lot of stuff will eventually be explained through context.)

Can take place anywhere in the world really, but my character's homeland  is China. I'd prefer if the main setting took place in a city or town,  since there's more to do there.

This RP world consist similar to ours but where magical creatures and  the like live right out of our sight and mind. They're still there, but  Glamour magic keeps humans blind to the point even your best friend  could be a deity! Demons and the like are KNOWN in the world, as well as  magic, but humans don't actively attempt to integrate that into their  society since technology is so commonplace.

Modern / Fantasy / Casual / Action / Plot-driven Romance


Prompt 1: A fortuitous meeting

Summary: My char stumbles upon  yours getting cornered in an alleyway, reasons being can be worked out,  that being said she doesn't hesitate to come to your char's aid. And  after exchanging a few thank you's, part ways, only to meetup eventually  once more in a cafe or something, where the two bond and grow close.  However, as tender and innocent of a relationship it seems, many untold  truths lie in waiting. Will their relationship push past these  obstacles, or die trying?

Prompt 2: Up for grabs

Summary: While minding their own  business, your char comes across a scene of a large hulking brute  overshadowing a young lady. Stepping in your char defends mine, and  after teaming up to take the brute down, mine decides to thank yours  with an evening of drinks and fun. (Which could eventually lead to some  smut if you'd like.) Could be a one-night stand, where in the morning  your char finds Yin having bailed.

(However if you'd like to continue)

Having become a lil obsessed with them your char attempts to track her  down, only to find them back at the same club they were at before. Where  after a bit of confrontation the two are found out by that same brute  from before. Fighting the brute reveals themselves to be a demon, and  after fending him off again she claims that he's just some guy who  really wants to court her, but she's clearly not interested. (It's a  demon thing.)

This could be your char's first interaction with the world of magic,  prompting them to begging Fang to stick around longer because they wanna  know more. She reluctantly allows them to be friends, but only because  she's afraid her stalker is gonna try and eat your char out of jealousy.  This could be where their relationship begins to grow and bloom into  something more. Eventually leading her to reveal her true identity to  them.

Prompt 3: Cryptic

Summary: Your character happens to  be a person who specializes in hunting all things cryptid, and upon  having heard of the sudden rise in activity in one particular area, they  travel there in hopes of it being a particular creature they've been  studying for a while now. It's only when they venture there however are  they eventually met by a strange being who seems keen on messing with  them. It's only when your character manages to catch them off guard with  a camera flash does mine finally seem to break character and knock it  off, exchanging a few words before promptly leaving.

This only intrigues your oc to further study the area, coming back again  and again. And time and time again does that same creature from before  keep telling them off in that they shouldn't venture where they're not  wanted. Until one day when the sun is setting, and your character is  attempting to hike deeper into the woods, are they approached by a  strange beast that ends up attacking them.

It doesn't take long for them to get cornered, only for that same  creature they'd been talking to before to swing in and rescue them.  Allowing them the brief chance to get a look at their savior before they  are dumped off at the edge of the woods. A brief exchange is had before  the creature gives their name, 'Yin', before disappearing. Promising  that they will find them and speak to them soon if they promise not to  go into the woods again.

They eventually meet again a little while later in town, at a cafe,  where Yin introduces herself to your char and shenanigans are had as she  slowly feeds your character more and more intel of the world outside of  everything they know.

Prompt 4: Royal Duties

Summary 1: (Only males or non-binaries that don't mind being called a prince.) Your oc happens to be a demon prince who has up until recently been  unable to find themselves a worthy hand to court. That is until they  find out that one of the most revered warriors of ancient times has a  daughter, and said daughter is unmarried. Prompting your oc to seek them  out and as per demon tradition, kidnap them in hopes of wooing them  into your embrace. Your character can do it for the reason of simply  earning the title, or because they have a modest appeal for strength and  desire to have that with them rather than against them. Either way it's  gonna be a long journey to gain trust between the two.

Summary 2: Your oc has been  infatuated with mine for the longest time ever since they laid eyes on  them. Even before knowing who they really were, they had known who they  wanted. Having witnessed Fang's display of strength firsthand after  beating your oc in a fight. And since then had made it their due  diligence to do everything in their power to woo her in hopes that she  may one day come around. To the point of outright becoming her rival in  an attempt to surpass her strength, having thought that in becoming the  strongest that she would finally witness your oc.

Finally, upon taking her on again in a fight, your oc declares the trials they had surpassed in her honor, and;
- beats her
- she beats them
- she stops the fight to talk

(I'm willing to craft custom prompts based off your char's bg if you'd  like as well, but these are what I've got for the most part. You're  welcome to offer up your own prompts!)

Question's in the comments, RP's in the DM's.