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Mischievous - Inquisitive - Spiritual

Gender: Transmale [he/him]

Species: Panther

Sexuality: Gay

Occupation: Student

Salem is a young panther who is training in the art of magic, spells, and potions. He grew up in a small, wooden town where the leaves changed heavily, which he grew fondly of. Salem has lived in "autumny" towns most of his life, but currently lives in the most famous- New Moon, a town cursed a few generations ago to be in a perpetual state of "Halloween", fog and warm colored trees. The locals made the best of this curse, and enjoy Halloween and the fall all year round. Salem has the most well known magic shop, adorned with magical "neon signs", hanging glittery stars and moons, and loves of flowers and herbs.
While Salem is blessed with moon & star magic, they tend to use it in mischievous ways, and is still in training. They use a mix of casting spells and potion brewing. Their attack magic is appears like burts of light and glitter, like a holiday sparkler, and a more powerful form can appear as golden fireworks. They don't focus on just attack magic- they enjoy any magic they can use in trickster sort of ways. Transformation is one example, although they only are able to change themselves into various Felidae. They enjoy being a serval the most, and sometimes appear as a panther. They also a small knowledge of healing and damaging potions and usually keep some in vials around their waist, or in their bag at all times. He is known for adding floral herbs to his brewing for "aesthetics", making it appear and smell nice.
Aesthetic: gold, stars, moon phases, fireworks/sparklers, glitter, magic balls, candles, pumpkins, October, warm colors, fallen leaves, fog, tarot cards

Created on August 17, 2017.

Acquired via trade from Squeebash.