June (R) Lexi (M) Alexa (L)



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 June (R) Lexi (M) Alexa (L) 

 Thick - Female - 23 - King Cobra - Taken 

Height - 8'00   Nicknames - The Queen of Snakes, CC (Conjoined Cuties)   Other - Each Head has their own personality, only one head can control the body at once

Loves- (June) Zebra cake, venison, cloths that show of her body, jewelry, and fighting (Lexi) Being in control (Alexa) flowers, fluffy blankets

Dislikes- (June) boring colors, veggies, liars, fake friends (Lexi) disrespectful behavior, veggies, liars, fake friends (Alexa) bugs, veggies, liars, fake friends

Some Info of Them

June is airheaded playful loud loving and easy to anger but also blushes easy so she is childish In a manner of speaking.
Lexi is level headed, she thinks before doing anything gets irritated. When things don't go the way she plans tries her best to accel in everything and is the most mature head. Having to make the majority of decisions for them, so she is the mother of there three
Alexa she is shy and doesn't talk much and rarely ever tries to show she is even around her voice is rarely heard but she blushes easy and is nervous about almost everything but once she warms up to someone she stays with them for a long time. She is also cautious.

Info help from steverandal31 on Instagram