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"You lost the moment I became your opponent."


  • FULL NAME: Celestino Domínguez
  • AGE: 1,323  
  • GENDER:  Male
  • HIERARCHAL RANK: Angel Class // Zircon Rank
    OCCUPATION(s):   Dominion's Apprentice
    || Angel of Music Tournament Competitor || Angel of Death (AWOL) ||
Celestino is yet another young musically inclined angel, but it isn't his only talent. He's an exceptional fighter who'd been successfully meeting the requirements to be recruited into Heaven's Holy Army of Guardian Angels. Celestino is best known as the young guitarist in a popular mariachi band that makes appearances at various celebrations across Heaven. After he turned 1300 the rest of the band members thought it was time for him to earn the official Angel of Music title like they had already done. It would be a rite of passage admitting him into the brotherhood.

During his first preliminary competition, to everyone's surprise, Celestino took the stage with a new guitar and a genre of music that no one had ever quite heard before. Since his debut in the musical tournaments, Celestino has become a very popular celebrity. Even more so than when he was with the band. His style of music has kept him at the top of the rankings though even he still needs his practice and improvement.

Aside from music and the military, Celestino has another skill and a potential career path that he can take. A darker one that seems to be pursuing him more than he's pursuing it. Unbeknownst to his family and friends, Celestino is an Angel of Death. It's not a title one competes for. It's one they're cursed with. Celestino is doing his best to ignore his dark powers, the ability to destroy souls and drain the life from living creatures, but if he doesn't learn to control them soon, it's only a matter of time before something tragic happens.

•Confident • Energetic • Charming • Competitive • Stubborn • Opportunistic

He has a relatively justifiable abundance of pride and confidence. He enters every situation fully convinced that he’ll come out as the victor. Though useful in situations that would usually cause high amounts of stress, it also makes him that much more incapable of handling failure when it does surface. Most people know him for signature charm. Usually, when he interacts with someone he’s kind and knows all of the right things to say to make a person smile. It’s one of the reasons why he’s so popular in the area of Heaven where he lives. He can be very hyperactive and impatient. Due to his teacher’s teaching style, Celestino is very competitive and not beyond playing dirty. He’s very dependent on praise and rewards. His desire to win has even pushed him to do things outside of his character. He’ll take advantage of others, even his friends when they’re most vulnerable, and have no regard for anyone’s feelings or well-being. There's also a deeper side to him that even he doesn't understand. 

Winning 1st Place

It doesn't matter how gets there, so long as he's on top. 
His favorite part of combat training is sword fighting. He ranks 2nd in his district.

Even for an angel, he’s an unusually fast flyer. One of his favorite things to do is race.

He likes to be at the center of every conversation. He loves to brag and talk about himself. 

Video Games
He prefers first-person shooters over anything but he also enjoys platformers. 
Being Told What to Do 
Even if it's something that will obviously benefit him, he hates when someone, especially his teacher, tries to steer him away from his original plans.
Mundane Activities 
Reading, watching a quiet TV show, studying, playing tame songs, etc. He has a very short attention span. 
Cleaning His Room 
He's very messy and firmly believes that if he knows where all his things are there should be no reason to move things around. 
He's extremely confident in his abilities as a musician. At this point, he thinks he could walk on any stage and wow a crowd.
Celestino was born in the southern vestibule of  Lower-level Heaven and immediately caused an uproar of fear and hysteria among the local Mothers. He was a newborn infant who bore all the traits of a tainted angel. Black hair, black wings, red eyes, and markings that warned of death. He was immediately withdrawn from the vestibule and taken by healers and curious scientists wanting to understand this phenomenon. How could an angel be born tainted? The answer was simple. He wasn't. All the tests they ran on him came back without a single abnormality. He was in perfect health. He just didn't look it. After that scare, Celestino was placed back into the routine of normal young angels. Everything went smoothly from there until he started Sunday School.

Celestino wasn't tainted but he still looked like he was. And, unfortunately for him, young children aren't the type to acknowledge the outcomes of medical testing or scientific research. Celestino was outcasted almost immediately. The other children would avoid him like the plague. They'd call him 'tainted' or 'fallen.' Sometimes they'd even call him a demon. The Sunday School teachers weren't much different either. They never said anything to him directly, but they whispered about him among themselves. He did his best to ignore it all, he focused on things he liked, like music and sports. He stayed in the company of his only friend, Azarael, who paid no attention to his appearance and blamed the other student's behavior on their own ignorance.  But, one day the stress got to be too much and he snapped.

During a particular round of taunting from another student, Celestino lost his grip and attacked the child. The teachers intervened quickly and Celestino's hits and jabs left no marks. The student seemed physically unscathed at that moment, but towards the end of the day, he collapsed suddenly and died.

After the student's death, Celestino was immediately pulled from his classes. He was placed before 3 different Thrones, who all questioned him over and over for several days. "Did you or did you not commit murder?" "Are you or are you not tainted?" "Are you or are you not a child of Lucifer?"  He answered the same each time and the Thrones didn't find him guilty of murder but they did find him guilty of wrath. And for that, he was suspended from school for three months. He was confined to his dorm room and forced to undergo multiple re-education courses with a private tutor who lacked any kindness or patience whatsoever.

At that point, Celestino had given up on trying to live like a normal angel. He packed what he could carry and ran away the first chance he got. Living on his own worked for a while, but before he knew it he was resorting to delinquency. He'd steal, swindle, and cause trouble everywhere he went. This would go on for a few years until he chose the wrong target.

On one of his little escapades, Celestino tried to pickpocket someone who was more alert than he thought. Dominion Isandro caught him by the arm right as he was trying to steal his wallet. Celestino was sure that this was the end for him but Isandro seemed more concerned with his reason for the attempt as opposed to the attempt itself. After being threatened a few times, Celestino opened up about his situation completely. After this, Isandro took him in. Celestino was at war with himself the entire time he was with Isandro, constantly fighting the urge to steal everything in the house he could carry and run off again. But he never did. After they'd gotten closer and he felt like he could trust him, Isandro made a deal with Celestino. If he would go back to school, serve his punishment, and graduate, Isandro would make him his godson. He could go on living with him, pursue whatever career he wanted, and not have to worry about finding a teacher. Celestino agreed.

Miraculously, Celestino held up his end of the deal. He went back to Sunday School, underwent re-education, and eventually got put back in his class. The scorn and ridicule were worse than ever, but he managed to hang on until he graduated. Though a bit late, Isandro held up his end of the deal as well. The Sunday School teachers were more than confused. Why would the general want to adopt a child with unsightly features and a criminal record?  They even tried to talk him out of taking Celestino, but he ignored them thankfully.

Celestino decided that he wanted to pursue a career in music. It remained his favorite subject throughout his entire school career and Isandro's background as a musician only reinforced his decision. Isandro saw no problem with it either but encouraged him to go through basic training and enlist in the holy army as well so he'd have a career to fall back on. Celestino didn't argue.

He turned out to be a natural when it came to singing and he caught on to guitar-playing very quickly. Before long, Celestino was performing alongside Isandro and his band of guardian angels. His unusual appearance became a positive and he became a household name. His backstory made people want to root for him and see him succeed. It gave him a sense of pride he'd never had before. Basic training wasn't too difficult either. He was no stranger to being yelled at or living in unfavorable conditions.

So far he's been doing well. To his distaste, though, the Angel of Music Tournament and the Guardian Angel Fighting Tournaments take place at the same time. So he's currently juggling between practicing music and sharpening his combat skills. He hasn't collapsed from exhaustion or anything yet, but he's living a bit dangerously.

In addition to that, he's been having a lot of strange nightmares and sleep problems. All of his nightmares involve him either accidentally killing someone he cares about or running from the Angel of Death. He hasn't told anyone about these occurrences yet, but after recently discovering that his spirit weapon is a scythe, everything suddenly made sense. He's not tainted or evil. He's cursed.

He's a Reaper, a rare but hated class of angel, second only to the tainted or fallen. If he wants his life to keep going the way it is, no one can ever know the truth.


He's 5'6'' and weighs 113 lbs. His wingspan is 9 ft.
His favorite food is an extremely spicy chili his dad makes sometimes.
He's not crazy about sweets.
His least favorite food is fish.
His favorite color is black.
His favorite season is winter.
He has a weird appreciation for bugs.
He's an extremely fast flyer.
He doesn't sleep much.
He's pretty lazy.

♪♫ I Am 
♪♫ Te Robaré
♪♫ Mascota
♪♫ Revenge
♪♫ Scars
Pa Mi


Q: When did you realize that you wanted a career in music?
“Probably when I met my pops."

Q: How did you choose your instrument?
"My dad plays the guitar. It was the first instrument I ever saw someone play up close.
The guitar is an awesome instrument, man. It has so many different moods. Plus knowing how to  
play one makes you like....ten times hotter. How could I not choose it?"

Q: Who’s your biggest inspiration?
“My teacher, duh."

Q: What’s your favorite genre of music?
“I like rock and heavy metal, but I also like some jazz, blues, R&B, reggaeton, stuff like that. Pop is okay too, I guess."

Q: Do you believe that angels with certain skills should have to compete for their titles?
“Uhhhh yeah. Definitely.

Just think. If there wasn't a music tournament, you'd have angels, whose primary instrument is their freakin' armpit, walking around with official titles and rank. That'd be terrifying!“

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the Angel of Music Tournament?
“Performing on stage. That's always fun.
I actually feel a little bad sometimes because I have a bit of an advantage when it comes to getting feedback from the audience. You can tell that the crowd livens up when I come on stage.
That's because a lot of them were my fans before the tournament even started. ~“

Q: What’s your least favorite thing about the Angel of Music Tournament?
“I hate the points system and how freakin' long it is! It shouldn't take a whole year to find out who the best musician is!"

Q: What advice would you give to someone who’s younger than you and planning to enter the tournament when they’re older?
“Bring your best to the table or don't even bother.“

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To anyone who thinks they're gonna show me up at the singing competition tomorrow:giphy.gif

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ANGELS OF CLOUDSHORE!! Why didn't you tell me that your city was fucking beautiful!?! I would've graced you with my presence sooner!! 

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Who's up rn? 

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Is Mr. Eli "inventing" again? 

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I have no desire to shorten my immortality.;;;

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Alright, listen to me and listen to me good. Idgaf about any of you demonic bbq roasted sons of bitches in Limbo. I'm going to perform and that's it. Don't run up to me. Don't talk to me. Don't touch me. Don't ask me for a damn autograph because I know how shady you fucks are with that 'deal with the devil' bullshit I'm not stupid.  Just stay in your corner and I'll stay in mine. Oke? Oke!

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Dude, why would you post something like this??? smh

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Okay, see... this is what I hate about angels. They say all this specist shit and then act surprised when the first demon they come across wants to slit their throat. NO ONE WANTS YOUR FUCKING SOUL. 

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Speak for yourself. 

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LMAOOOO boi over here talkin like he ain't my opening act!!!   
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