Celestino's Comments

omgg What is happening adfgd *just super curious*

Also the colors of this profile is so goooooooood

He just got a little edgier that's all asflsdkfj

Also thanks. I tried. B )

I follow you on tumblr and love your art! I can't believe I found you here too >_>; feelslikeastalker

Anyways...just wanted to tell you that your art is lovely

How do you have time to draw all your characters if you don't mind me asking? I always want to draw my OCs but putting time aside to do so is really hard for me. Is there anything you do to get into the drawing mindset?


Can I eat this churro aswell?

Nooo stop trying to eat my children. XDD

WHO MADE SOLOMON CRY!?? how dare theyy

HIS FRIGGIN'.....significant yet insignificant other Taurentael. Das wat he dooo yehaaah.

Taurentael I have a bone to pick with you making cute boys cry >:C

Oh my God he is so hot and lovely! *dies alittle inside*

*stares in awe* OMG beauty! AHHH! I freaking love your angels! :D