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Gale - 24 - He/Him - 5’2

Contract Worker - Specialist


Gale is an independent being, taking contracted work by those desperate enough to make ends meet by any means necessary. He values making a profit above almost all else.
Taking his claim to notoriety by focusing his nen on obtaining sensitive information and delivering it to those who are willing to employee him for his services.

He has no ties to the Hunter Association, instead being self employed doing much of the same work though at starkly higher costs.

Side note: (this character before was a pokemon gijinka. please ignore this info as ive since changed this!)


Baneful Balor: The All Seeing Eye (Specialist)

With this ability Gale is able to gain almost anything there is to know about any one certain individual.

A projection of powerful aura will beam into the sky, taking form of a large eye and giving scan to the world allowing for vulnerable information to be documented from any one person in the world. This is then 'printed' onto a nen constructed sheet of paper. The most basic of info to be captured are exact coordinates of an individual's most current location, basic health record (age/height/sex/weight/blood type/health conditions), nen type if available, and current goal. Any other info wishing to be documented may be requested as such before the performance of the ability. There is no limit of what may be asked.

Conditions and Limitations:

In order for this ability to be activated Gale must kill another nen user in part of a sacrifice, an eye for an eye if you will. The paper containing this information may only be read by the person who requested this document, to others and even Gale himself it will appear to be completely blank. Additionally after 48 hours this document will disappear from existence.

This ability may also only be used once per lunar cycle.