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 Kei Hirakawa

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WARNING: Sexual themes, Slightly NSFW
❥ Name: Kei Hirakawa

❥ Birthday: August 21st 1992 / 1994

❥ Marital Status: Single

❥ Race: Demon -- Incubus + Vampire

❥ Animal Affinity: None

❥ Nationality:  Japanese, Chinese
❥ Sexuality: Unknown

❥ Hair: Orange-Red

❥ Eyes: One blue, one Orange

❥ Lineage: Noble, Prince

❥ Elemental Affinity: Fire

❥ Family: Kira Brookheart (Cousin)
Kei was raised as a normal demon by his two parents, placing strong traditional morals on him. He was noted to be very loving towards his family and friends, though he was openly quick to rebel when he didn't like something. One day, he discovered that his real father wasn't the one who raised him which was his breaking point that caused him to fall into a deep depression that manifested as anger. After consistent fighting with his parents, he ran away from home and started a new life alone. He later discovers that he is an incubus (In MU canon, they're a sub-species of demon), and his sexuality becomes the main part of his identity, as he constantly fights with himself not to get attached to those he sleeps with. He constantly tells himself that love doesn't exist, though deep in his heart, he doesn't believe it.
As an incubus, Kei has the ability to sense people's romantic emotions-- such as if they like or desire something (i.e. a kiss) and he adapts to their liking.



Orange Crush

Sake Temaki (He can eat an ungodly amount of this)

Entertaining kids / Babysitting

  Playing hide and seek

Being right

Sex (He's an incubus what do you want)



❥ Snow (He'll scream at it and kick it until he tires himself out)

Letting his guard down

Aftermath of his rampages

Having to admit that he wants a family

Saying goodbye (Even to people he just met or to people he'll see the next day)

Forming emotional bonds (He bonds strongly)

Cold drinks -- He prefers warm soft drinks etc.

Staying the night

❥ Feeling attachment


Cold Pizza

Kei appears calm but has a simmering anger that can be seen beneath it all and he can seem as though he's on the brink of snapping though he rarely does. He's blunt and overly sarcastic. While he tries to appear selfish, he cares deeply-- especially for children. Though he holds up a pretty standard tough appearance, he volunteers at both the children's hospital and orphanages. His lifelong dream is to become a father and settle down with a loving partner-- though admitting that would be the end of him.
Even though he has a level of intimidation to him, he often asks rather thoughtful questions, which is usually jarring from his hotheaded demeanor. 


❥ He hates cold things.
❥ He ran away in the dead of winter and spent some time homeless in the snow, which is part of his hatred.
❥ He can control a fire affinity outside of his vampire and demon halves which is rare unless he's majorly human with Royal vampire ancestry.
❥ Both him and Kira discovered that their fathers wasn't their real fathers leading them to believe that they may be half-siblings through their biological unknown father.
❥ He can't touch anyone without their consent (Though he can sense consensual thoughts as part of his species)
❥ As part of his species, he can sense when someone is thinking about him, but not with context
❥ Wings and horns, like on all demons, can be hidden to appear humanly. Kei hides his horns while he's in public or when he's sleeping
❥ Like Kira, Kei hasn't seen his parents since he ran away from home.
❥  Something horrible happened to him when he was thirteen and he doesn't ever talk about it.

Accepted Headcanons:
❥ All the practice has made Kei into an experienced lover, who can satisfy the most varied partners. He is a blessing for those who are shy, because he is able to find out what they like, without them needing to tell him so. He tends to put his partner first but will take his fair share as well, making sure that his pleasure is equal.
Once he falls in love however, his expertise goes down the drain and he becomes somewhat clumsy and blushy, feeling constantly that this is a once in a lifetime chance and he should not blow it. (Septime)

❥ "It's funny how you said roleplaying because that was what I was thinking for your boy as well.  Being an incubus, he must get bored of sexual activities so introducing roleplay scenarios let him add something new, something that he can change via changing roles. I also think toys could work for the same reason because it spices up the same old routine." (Chichi)

Kira Brookheart
Relation: Cousin
Kira and Kei are cousins and in close bloodline. They have both speculated that they may share the same father given recent revelations they've had about their family tree. The two are close and Kei has a soft spot for her as one of the only family members he likes.
Roxie Matalic
Relation:  Friend
Roxie and Kei were friends through her brothers when they were much younger, and she was one of the first to help Kei deal with his grief when the need arose. She wasn't aware that he was a demon and was taken aback by it once they had re-united in adult years. Aside from their initial meeting as children, Kei was part of Roxie's immediate high school friend group.
Once they met once again as adults, he revealed that his elemental affinity was fire, and Roxie asks for his help to strengthen her main, but weakest element. He coached her several times, teaching her various techniques previously unknown to her as she also taught him how to control his elements as well as how to use it strategically for self-defense.
Roxie has a crush on him, and he occasionally sends ":)" as a text response which makes her blush
Tom Matalic
Relation: Friend
Tom and Kei were close friends for a while, but they only became close in recent years. The two hang out regularly and he recently brought Kei to meet Roxie again. Tom thinks Kei is attractive but they never clicked romantically.