Alice (Alice Wardrobe)



Alice Outfit choices are those that allow her to feel comfortable while have a good range of moment.  This includes skirts, shirts, or even simple dresses.

During her first journey with her friends, Alice wears a Dark Purple sleeveless shirt that is tucked into her skirt.  The Maroon skirt is long enough to reach down to her knees.  She wears short boots and ankle length socks underneath.

When visiting Hoenn, she wears a simple short dress that has straps that goes over her shoulders.  Underneath her dress she wears a sleeveless and strapless undershirt that is zipped from the back and is barely visible under the dress.  Her dress has a belt that is set in the middle of her belly as a way to keep the dress secure.  She also wears very short pair of shorts under the dress.  She swaps out her short boots for shoes and wears longer pairs of socks.

After a long absence, she would make another appearance in Gen VI, having a new outfit during her time as a Junior Professor's Assistant.  She wears a loose lavender shirt that has sleeves that go past her elbows.  She also wears another skirt similar to her first outfits one, but in a dark blue color.  She also wears a pink scarf.  She goes back to a pair of short boots and ankle socks to help her get around rough terrain whenever she assists Professor Birch in outdoor research.  Often she wears a lab coat over her outfit whenever doing indoor work.

When she started her journey, Alice kept her hair in a short length asymmetrical bob style and wore a hairband accessory.  By the time of Gen VI, she grew out her hair to reach around her back and leaves out her hairband while wearing a pair of glasses.