Insanity Isaac Zilvas



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Basic Info


Insanity Isaac Zilvas


Most commonly goes by Isaac


Unknown, although he chooses to appear around 19; he's stated he's over 50 trillion years old






Secondary manager of Emdrica Fly




Pansexual, but he's verrrrrrrrry picky

Significant Other

He'd say Neoka, but Neoka certainly wouldn't agree

Creation Year


Soul Tune



De Jack Zilvas (father)


Dalia's Court

Current Home



Physical Appearance

  • Slightly past shoulder-length blond hair with color changing tips and streaks, exclusively worn in a low side-ponytail with a long sky blue hair tie
  • Hair tie has a nail and a large fang hanging from it
  • Color changing eyes, with the left always being a light color and the right always dark
  • Tattoo of the symbol of Lord Dalia (which looks like a wing) under his left eye
  • Tattoo of the symbol of Xyarok (which looks sort of like a disconnected t or cross) under his right eye
  • Medium to somewhat tall in height
  • Physically fit with a slender/scrappy built and inhuman strength
  • Fair skinned
  • Clawed nails with sometimes only the right hand nails painted
  • Only wears eyeliner on his left eye
  • Sharp canines
  • 4 piercings per ear on lower side, and usually wears a long ear cuff along the top

Clothing Style

Isaac most frequently wears a blue tank top with three straps on the left shoulder and is slightly cut too short on the bottom right side. He also wears blue kapris with knee high heeled gray boots with red cut outs patterns and crossing laces in the front. The pockets on his kapris have light brown lining, and he wears 3 belts, one around his waist, one across his abdomen, and the other across his chest and over his right shoulder. If you ask him why, he'll say because it's entirely unnecessary, which makes it totally necessary for this outfit. He wears metal elbow pads and a small shoulder plate on his left shoulder due to how much crap he gets into, and light brown fingerless gloves with cut outs on the wrists and rifting channels weaved into the patterns.

His earrings are typically gold, and he frequently wears a long ear cuff along the top of his ear and four earrings on the bottom, the top one being a circular stud, the one below being a square stud, the next a rectangular tight hoop, and the one closest to his head being a small dangling chain of gold beads. His light blue hair tie for his ponytail has a nail and a fang hanging from it, and he's rarely seen without his light blue goggles, usually worn on his head.

If ever Isaac wears a different outfit, it's usually flamboyant, ornate, and over the top to an increasing degree depending on how special the occasion is. He loves shoes with high heels or platforms, but he only likes thick heels rather than thin/pointy. He prefers brighter colors, dangling shiny trinkets or tassels, and asymmetrical designs. His outfits tend to look somewhat feminine, but he does not wear specifically female clothing outright and maintains a fine balance in the middle. This means no dresses or skirts, unless they're kilts or part of long robes.


Isaac is a over-the-top and unpredictable man who is far older than he appears, yet he tends to act immature more often than not. Isaac tends to swing between two polar opposite personalities depending on the situation. He is normally very friendly, sometimes overly so, and he's known to be rather touchy-feely and boisterous. He doesn't seem to care much about other peoples' personal bubbles, and he can get a little clingy and uses excessive pet names with people he likes. His voice shifts to be more high-pitched and feminine, and he purposely tends to sound like a stereotypical, whiny teenage girl, especially when speaking with his father in a teasing manner. He also tends to be rather flirty with those closest to him, even if he's not actually interested in them beyond a platonic relationship. He's especially flirty with his best friend, Neoka, whom he has a running joke with that they're dating each other and Isaac takes the role waaaaaaay too seriously. Overall he's very theatric about whatever he may be doing, but it's mostly to bother others or get attention rather than legitimately being that way.

His opposite personality comes out when he's annoyed or angered, and he becomes violent and spiteful. Sometimes it takes a while for him to work his way up to being this angry, and other times he immediately shifts from pleasant to murderous. Depending on what he's angry about, his voice may or may not change. If he's mad about something that's relatively trivial or petty, his voice will get even higher pitched and is comparable to a psychotic screeching banshee, often shattering glass in the process of shouting. He's rather irrational in this state, and more often than not he's just being overdramatic and exaggerating how angry he actually is. He's very likely to break out his favorite axe (named Romance) and hack you to pieces, and he doesn't really care if that qualifies as overreacting most of the time. If he's legitimately angry about something, his voice will drop to a very deep, rumbling pitch as if he's channeling the devil or something comparable, which can also affect his surroundings negatively.

Isaac's friends tend to describe him as "bipolar," but more in a joking manner than anything since they're not really sure how else to describe him other than that or "he's just weird." It's unlikely that he's legitimately bipolar and it's just him being very extreme with how he changes his demeanor toward others, his highs being too high and his lows being murderously angry. It's difficult to tell though since he tends to put up a rather theatric exterior and rarely acts "normally" in front of anyone he doesn't completely trust, and he probably wouldn't discuss any of his serious personal problems with anyone except his father, and even then Isaac is hesitant to admit if something may be legitimately wrong with him. You can tell when he's being genuine if he talks in his normal voice, which is a relatively normal male voice that's not incredibly deep but also not high pitched. He tends to talk very calmly with mild playfulness in this voice, usually rather sassy and oddly reasonable compared to his other two demeanors.

In general, Isaac is just very over the top about everything. He is capable of being serious and responsible though, but he never really likes having to be, since that means something is horribly wrong with the world. He's protective of his friends, murderous toward his enemies, and either gets overly forward with strangers or ignores them entirely. There is nothing in the world he cares more about than his father and Neoka. He tends to act like an obnoxious teenage girl around his father and purposefully whines about everything and is a total diva with a shrieky feminine voice, excluding when he actually needs to be serious around him. Around Neoka he tends to alternate between being like an overly clingy girlfriend that obsesses over him and gets catty toward anyone that tries to get his attention, or a very very flirty guy that tosses a lot of raunchy euphemisms at him. He is capable of acting outside of those personas though, but those are the most common in public. Isaac will never break character as being "Neoka's boyfriend" despite the fact that they're not actually interested in each other romantically/sexually. Not very many people are convinced it's an act though, since it's been going on for years now, but Isaac is just very dedicated to his act. Really. I swear. Although I'm sure Isaac wouldn't mind it if Neoka suddenly decided he didn't want to be straight anymore, but he doesn't predict it happening any time soon.


  • Eterniti rifting - rank 5/5
  • Can manipulate matter, including freezing people in place, levitating objects/people, or teleporting them with a snap of his fingers
    • Snapping his right hand has long distance teleportation or more powerful effects which take more energy
    • Left handed snaps are shorter range, quicker, and take less energy
  • Virtually immortal as long as his connection to Lord Dalia is not severed
  • Telepathy to communicate only with others also connected to Lord Dalia, mostly his followers or direct Circle
  • Superhuman strength, stamina, and agility along with high pain tolerance and flexibility


  • Self motivated, dauntless, and confident
  • Headstrong, assertive, and hard to surprise
  • Energetic, loyal to whoever earns his trust, and an intimidating ally
  • Wise, seems to be in the know about almost everything, and has a lot of connections


  • Emotionally volatile and unpredictable, and difficult to get him to take things seriously
  • Tends to scare off most people with his erratic behavior and sometimes accidentally destroys/kills things or people with his strength
  • Very clingy and dependent on his most valued relationships and would emotionally crumble without them
  • Life force is entirely dependent on Lord Dalia and cannot survive without him


Insanity, referred to as Isaac, was created by Lord Dalia to be De Jack's son after the First War. Isaac was a quiet child that often hid indoors and didn't like interacting with strangers. Able to adjust the rate of his aging, Isaac remained in the form of a young child until after Jack took in Neoka. Isaac warmed up to him but noticed Neoka was starting to grow up as most mortals do, so Isaac adjusted his appearance to match his age. Isaac finally opened up to being around other people due to incessantly following Neoka everywhere around Emdrica.

Isaac grew to love meeting new people and seeking out new friends, although he becomes reproachful toward people that approach him first. Neoka and Isaac, who treat each other like brothers, have running joke that they are a couple, which Isaac takes far too seriously.

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