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I will remove my characters from wishlists and dreamie lists as I feel highly uncomfortable knowing that my characters are very wanted by somebody else. Please respect that and just don't add them to your wishlists/dreamie lists in first place, because they will disappear from them anyway. Thank you ♥
If I see you add my characters to your wishlist more than once I will block you to prevent you from being able to see my characters and take away the ability to put them on your wishlist again.. 

None of my characters are UFT/UFS unless they're in the UFT/UFS Folder! 

Don't ask me if I can notify you if any of my characters ever go UFT/UFS. The answer is no. 

Stealing, Copying and/or Tracing my art or my characters will end in a report and in a perma-block.


!!! Some of my characters contain vulgar language, gore, abuse, sexual or other sensitive content. Watch at your own risk.

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