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Honestly, I don't care about you, your beliefs, or anything. Just don't bring up your beliefs here. Just don't be an ass, don't steal shit. That's all

I guess I have to put a DNI list huh:

DNI: homophobes, transphobes, antivaxxers (get the fuck out), people who don't think COVID exists (go fuck yourself), Danganronpa kinnies (you're fine just, don't mention it? I don't care if you like it, just don't put it on my page), racists, nazis, and anyone with weird kinks (not kink shaming, but don't put that there. this includes scat and farts and whatever fucking atrocities y'all are into)

Also, I'm not putting warnings on my characters. None of them have anything too bad, but if you're going through the "Follow The Red Line" folder, you're gonna find a shitton of trauma. I'm not putting individual warnings, but triggers that appear in FTRL include:

Sexual abuse, substance abuse, mental illness of all sorts, violence, lots of blood, gaslighting, body horror, torture, just a ton of gore in general, mass killings, abuse of authority, abusive relationships, PTSD, horrific deaths, and lots of others I'll name if I remember them.

Additionally, there's NSFW in my account. That includes gore, but more notably explicit sex, prostitution, skimpy outfits, and overall just thirsty images. I'm not censoring it, but I'll put a different thumbnail for explicit things. Don't be a damn child and get angry that I don't put warnings for anything potentially triggering. Yes, I sympathize with you and your experiences, but no. I'm warning you now, and by agreeing you can't say anything to me because you agreed before looking at my profile.

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