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"Girl you will not believe what happened last night."

【 Name 】Dayries 【 Gender 】Male
【 Age 】20 years old 【 D.o.B. 】Unknown
【 Origin 】Slums 【 Race 】Alligator
【 Role 】Progammer 【 Theme 】 ME!ME!ME!
【 Charisma 】
【 Empathy 】
【 Patience 】
【 Stamina 】
【 Courage 】
【 Integrity 】
【 Perception 】
【 Judgement 】
【 Intelligence 】
【 Humor 】

Daryies is a relatively relaxed person who is lenient and open minded. He has a high tolerance for anything other people may find annoying but can be stretched thin under certain circumstances. If someone is hurting his friends or others he can fly into a rage. He can be a little two faced, abhorring drama yet partaking in gossip frequently. A sociable person he is constantly on social media. Usually he's the life of the party however that also means he's the first one to stir up trouble. For example, if he sees a guy hitting on an unwitting girl he will make a huge scene, he has zero patience when it comes to scum bags. One for theatrics he tends to call attention to people all around him. He likes being in the spotlight and thinks the spotlight likes shining down on him. This exuberant nature has attracted different kinds of people making him very flexible when it comes to relationships. Polyamorous too boot but he won't cheat on his partner if they are not poly. Seeing as he's a switch he can easily go from dominant to submissive. Nothing really fazes him except when his personal life is brought up. For all his bravado he doesn't like talking about his current situation with his mothers. Overall Daryies is a fun albeit over zealous individual.

He loves makeup, clothing, gossip, and beauty products but hates programming, hard asses, and loose fitting clothing. Dayries has also dated over 20 different people with varying degrees of success.

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