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Do NOT steal any of the characters you seeĀ 

Do NOT create characters that are inspired by my own characters

They belong to Fulgarite, ShortyLynnChaos, AND TheHittite

Characters uploaded "may" have sexual themed content, or gore themed content. So be warned.
(ALL sexual content is blocked to outsiders unless you are "authorized" by me on this site)

Any art NOT authorized by one of these accounts (or seen on art fight) of these characters will be considered as art theft and or character theft and will be reported as such

All characters in "Looking For Freedom" Comic are owned by Fulgarite. Do NOT steal or use them without consent.

Only characters in the "FOR SALE" folder and sub folders are up for sale and trade, each character for sale will have amount worth or that I am looking for a trade. So do NOT ask for characters NOT in that folder. Thank you!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the characters!

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